Why choosing a holiday apartment?

The boom of holiday flats has grown incredibly in recent years.

Before, when people wanted to visit a new destination, they had to take into consideration the costs and availability of the hotels in the area, as it was the only accommodation option then.

About 10 years ago or so, virtually no one would even consider renting a private apartment for the family to spend their holidays in. Many call it “the Airbnb phenomenon,” this popular online platform has been the initiator of this new model of hospitality , and gives visitors a whole new way to experience a city.

These flats or homes for holiday rental or short term rental are properties owned by families or individuals. The sole purpose of the use is as “temporary housing” for people wishing to rent whilst on holiday.

At we have been asking our clients to explain why they would choose to stay at a holiday apartment over a hotel. If this is a new consideration for you with regards to your booking habits, maybe this feedback will change your mind!

1 ? You feel at home, but in even better surroundings!

2 – You can enjoy higher quality for less money. Usually a holiday apartment is cheaper than staying in a hotel; if further spending is divided among several people, it will be even cheaper in the long run.

3 – You can experience the local culture from a local?s perspective. Live where the locals live, eat at the restaurants they eat at and wander through the tiny back streets unknown to most tourists.

4 – You will have more privacy and space in your holiday apartment in comparison to a hotel room.

5 – You have the option of using the kitchen to prepare your own food bought locally. The washing machine and other household appliances are convenient and help towards saving those extra pennies.

6 – If you have a large family or are traveling with a group of friends, an apartment will allow you to all be under the same roof while retaining your own sense of privacy too. Sharing the same space means you will also share unforgettable moments with family and friends, such as a homemade dinner or a relaxing afternoon in the living room or terrace with a bottle of wine or two!.

7 – When received by a local at your holiday apartment, you will have first-hand information on the city, the best places to eat, which sites you should not miss and important tips about the city that only the locals know.

8 – By reading past holidaymakers “reviews” or comments, you’ll make sure the quality of the apartment is exactly what you are looking for.

9 – You will not be tied to set meal times and daily room service schedules.

10 – You can choose the characteristics and design of the space in which you want to stay.

11 – You can choose which area of a city you want to stay in; be it beach-side, the historical centre or a quiet neighbourhood.

All you have to do now is plan your future holiday and book a “charming holiday apartment” that you can enjoy with friends or family. The most important thing to remember before making any payment, is to ensure you’re dealing with responsible and professional people.

Happy Holidays!


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