5 favorite spots to watch the sunset in Malaga

There are plenty of beautiful places to watch the sunset in Malaga. I think it’s the perfect way to finish a journey in this seaside city. Right below, we’ll show the ideal spots to enjoy spectacular sunsets in Malaga!

1. Muelle Uno

Best sunset in Malaga - Muelle Uno

Muelle Uno is the port modern area that was built in 2011 and it has become one of the most famous and visited spots in the city. I can understand why, as it has a beautiful view of all of Malaga city center (you can see Alcazaba Castle, Malaga Cathedral and the big Alameda Avenue with all its tall trees). Also, it’s an open supermarket with a wide variety of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink in front of the sea. 

I recommend you to go to the end of the port, where the lighthouse (La Farola) is located and you will be able to see the city lights reflecting on the water as well as the sun going down to the horizon. What a spot! 

2. Baños del Carmen

Balneario del Carmen chiringuito malaga

Baños del Carmen is one of the most famous beaches of Malaga city. It has a very famous chiringuito called ‘El Balneario, where you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking sunsets of the city. 

This area is quite busy and you will enjoy a vibrant and young atmosphere. If I were you, I’d sit in one of the Balneario’s tables just next to the sea and enjoy the sea breeze and the sea landscape. 

3. Gibralfaro Castle

Sunset in Malaga - tips for travelling to spain

If you know this beautiful castle, you have probably figured this out already. Thanks to its altitud, Gibralfaro Castle has impressive views all over the city, and therefore, beautiful sunsets. My advice is to wear comfortable shoes and go up to the Castle by foot. 

You will enjoy the route and your reward will be waiting for you at the top: an amazing and unforgettable sunset! 

You can start your journey directly from the city center, and it will take around 30 min by foot. 

4. Monte San Antón (San Antón Hill)

Sunset in Malaga - San Anton Hill

San Antón Hill is also a natural spot where to enjoy fresh air and incredible views. It’s located next to the city, which offers you the best panoramic views of all Malaga. 

It’s a great opportunity to do a trekking route through, what we called, ‘Montes de Malaga’ (Malaga Hills) and enjoy a little adventure during your holidays. 
You can see where it is located here.

5. Peñón del Cuervo

Peñón del Cuervo - Malaga beaches

This beautiful beach is called this way (Raven Rock) due to the Rock that separates one seashore to the other. 

It’s quite far from the city center (around 14 km), but I think the journey is worth it. It’s quite crowded on weekends, but during the week you will have the chance to relax yourself and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Malaga. 

What time is the sunset in Malaga?

In Spain, due to the time change and the season you are visiting us, sunset is at different times. Down below I show you when you can see the sunset in every month:

  • January: 18:12 – 18:42 pm
  • February: 18:43 – 19:10 pm 
  • March: 19:11 – 20:38 pm
  • April: 20:39 – 20:55 pm (hours shift because clocks change forward 1 hour)
  • May: 21:06 – 21:30 pm
  • June: 21:30 – 21:40 pm
  • July: 21:40 – 21:25 pm
  • August: 21:19 – 20:47 pm
  • September: 20:46 – 20:02 pm
  • October: 20:01 to 18:21 pm (hours shift because clocks change backward 1 hour)
  • November: 18:20 – 18:01 pm
  • December: 18:01 – 18:11 pm

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