VII Erotic Tapas Route Fuengirola

More than 100 creative and original tapas to taste

Just over a hundred bars and restaurants participate in Fuengirola VII Erotic Tapas Route. This was an initiative undertaken by the government since 2009 to boost local trade. The theme is that each bar or restaurant prepares a creative and somewhat risk? themed tapas with local products, and at a set price of ? 2. The tapas will be offered throughout the day.

You can taste from sweet to savory tapas. To make it even more fun, 50,000 informative tapas “passports” have been printed. These give you information about each tapas that will be offered. This means you get to stamp your passport to show how much of the challenge you managed to complete! Prepare your stomach for 100 different tapas!


If you manage to complete all your passport stamps you must deliver to the Tourist Offices where you get a prize, in addition to entering the draw for several prizes to be held at the end of the celebration. Passports will be available at the reception in hotels and tourist information offices.

Fuengirola is a very popular city of Malaga for tourists. It is known for having a lot of resorts and beachfront hotels. You can get there easily from the city of Malaga, either by train from Maria Zambrano station or bus from the bus station.


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