Vegetarian restaurants in Malaga

In these vegetarian restaurants from Malaga you will find from fruit smoothies, to Arabic desserts, to adaptations of typical Spanish dishes. All in convenient locations close to the city center and with a great atmosphere.

It can be hard at times for us vegans or vegetarians to find good restaurants where we can go out for a bite. It can be even harder when you are a visiting a foreign country and you don?t speak the language. That?s why we thought it might be a good idea to make a list of vegetarian cafes and restaurants where you can have a delicious meal and even try some typical Spanish dishes.

We?ve included some places that are not strictly vegetarian but have a good selection of vegetarian dishes and great atmosphere. You will also find cafes and stores that offer vegetable-based treats and goodies for an afternoon snack.?Nowadays, with organic food becoming a trend and having new stores opening in the city frequently, I?m sure we?ll have to update this list very soon. So grab your spoon and appetite and fuel-up on greens!

El Calafate – Calle Andr?s P?rez, 6

This small vegetarian restaurant is hidden in an alley in the city center, near Plaza de los Martires. Because of the hard-to-find location it is mostly frequented by locals. They offer a daily menu with appetizer, entree and dessert for 9.70 ?. They make healthy, non-greasy, fresh food from both international and local cuisine. We recommend making reservation. Closed on Sundays.

La Alcazabilla – Calle Pozo del Rey, 5

Huge vegetarian plate from Alcazabilla
Generous portions of vegetarian yumminess at Alcazabilla

Located next to Teatro Albeniz, it?s in the mere center of the tourist area of the city. This doesn?t translate into poor quality or high prices, which is much appreciated. Lots of food choices, from vegan, to vegetarian, to gluten free. They have a nice sitting area outside as well. Staff is very friendly. It is usually very busy so better get there early. I have a hard time recommending just one dish, but their spinach croquettes are famous and a definite must.

Ca?ad? – Plaza de la Merced, 21

Vegetarian couscous
Vegan mixed-nuts couscous from Ca?ad?

Ca?ad? has lots of vegan plates, so there?s plenty to choose from. They have a sitting area outside, perfect for a beer and a meal with friends on a weekend. I love the care they put into each plate, and I just can?t get enough of their mixed-nuts couscous! Ample dining room, great terrace, varied menu? You can?t go wrong.

Macro Dulces la Espiral – Calle Dos Aceras, 24

Vegan brownies
Vegan chocolate brownies from La Espiral

A few steps away from our apartments in calle Monta?o, you will find this little shop, specialized in macrobiotic, ecologic, baked goods. Whole foods, no sugar, vegan ingredients are used? probably the healthiest bakery ever! The brownies and sponge cake with chocolate and strawberries will keep you coming back for more. Perfect for a sweet breakfast or afternoon snack, La Espiral will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lastly, some other vegetarian places?to take into consideration that we really like (most are not in the city center) are:

El Tesoro del Puchero – Vegetarian restaurant north of the train station. Calle Babel, 5

Sacio Bar – Tapas restaurant with some very tasty vegetarian dishes. Calle Mart?nez Maldonado, 69

El ?ltimo Mono – Coffee shop and juice bar- Calle Santa Mar?a, 9

La Invisible – Bar and caf? located in a patio. Very bohemian atmosphere with live book readings and shows. They offer vegan and vegetarian tapas along with regular animal foods. Calle Andres P?rez, 3

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