The Pompidou Centre opened in Malaga

On Saturday the 27th of March the Pompidou Centre received its first visitors.
There have been high expectations among art lovers, about the opening of the new Pompidou Centre in Malaga. We were there on the day of it?s opening! A bucket of colourful crystals and a conceptual design by French artist Daniel Bure, led us to the museum at Muelle Uno.

It is said that the cube represents the transformation of the city and Pier in recent years. It is the perfect location and the centre of attention for visitors in Malaga.


On the opening day, long queues of visitors waited their turn to see what The Pompidou had to offer. My description in a few words would definitely be ?Contemporary Art?. The big names of the day?s most popular pieces were signed by the Malaga?s famous Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Alberto Giacometti, Ren? Magritte and Marc Chagall.

It is a museum that is designed for the enjoyment of all, whether you are an art lover or not. Some of the artwork you can interact with, there are audio-visual resources, videos and even a room with games for the enjoyment of children. The museum is divided into two floors, the top floor which houses the most interactive exhibits such as videos or slides with sounds and downstairs houses artwork pieces themselves.

Works you should not miss:

-?El sombrero con flores? de Pablo Picasso

-?El marco? de Frida Kahlo

-?La musa dormida? de Constantin Brancusi

Every Saturday in the small museum auditorium the film No Sex Last Night (1995) Sophie Calle will be screened and the video Brancussi (2013 ) Alain Fleischer is projected.

For more information read our post on the Pompidou Centre in Malaga.


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