The Feria of Malaga: The biggest fiesta in town!

Imagine a hot summer day. Picture everyone partying all around you. Women dressed in traditional flamenco dresses. That’s the starting point of what the Feria of Malaga is like. But let?s explain from the beginning ’cause… there is so much more!

What exactly is the Feria of Malaga?

Every town, city and village in Spain has a town festivity. Every year, people commemorate their heritage in a party that can last from a few days to a full week. Now that?s what I call a party!

In the case of Malaga, the Feria celebrates the conquest of Malaga by the Catholic Monarchs from the moors on August 1487. If you’re a history buff, read more here.

Being that Feria commemorates heritage, they are always very picturesque as you can see Spanish tradition to the fullest. The music, dancing, food and drink, and costumes are the most traditional we can have them. People even ride horses or carriages as means of transportation during Feria!

Where is this party, and, can I go?

Everyone can come the the Feria of Malaga. There are two main locations for the party: the ?daytime? Feria de Malaga goes on in the historical city center, the epicenter being calle Larios. The ?nighttime? Feria de Malaga, is located on a special area dedicated to it near Palacio de Congresos. The place is called Real de la Feria, and the best way to get there is by buses 4, 11, 19, 201, 205.

It is a huge and fun party. There are over 100 different events including concerts, activities for the kids, art shows, bullfights, and a fireworks show that mark the beginning of the festivities. The full program is available online.

This year, the Feria de Malaga will be from 12 to 19 of August.

Feria Malaga billboard

The lively city center

The city center becomes more alive than ever during Feria de Malaga. Paper lanterns decorate every corner of centro. Women wear flamenco polka-dot dresses and men their traditional attires and hats. Verdiales ( local variation of flamenco) is played everywhere and everyone dances to its tunes. For the brave who visit during Feria you can learn how to dance verdiales and sevillanas in no time!

Women dancing at Feria Malaga

For the less talented of us, there are other types of music available, so we can all dance along our favorite tunes during the week-long party.

Tapas, drinks (typically Feria wine is Cartojal) and plenty of paella are offered throughout the city.

Other things to see

Many locals attend the different parties riding horses or carriages, especially at Real de la Feria, because it is considerably far from the center. This may make traffic a little more chaotic, but nothing to worry about when you are on holiday. Besides, it makes for a terrific picture, almost like going back in time.

If you ever wanted to see a bullfight, during Feria de Malaga there are a few going on. Buy your tickets in advance online and get ready to shout ?ol?!? at the arena with the rest of the crowd.

The first day of Feria, a beautiful fireworks show inaugurates the beginning of the festivities. Head to the beach or the lighthouse at Muelle Uno harbor to get a better view of the lights. Or go high above the ground and have a drink at a rooftop bar and enjoy the magnificent view.

Wherever you go, if you visit us during the Feria of Malaga, you are guaranteed not to get bored. If you are looking for a calm and relaxing holiday, come at a different time of year. But if you are looking for a fun, exciting and different Spanish experience, come during Feria? you will never forget it!

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