The best way to get around Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Whenever going on holiday and visiting a new city, there is so much to see and do. But if you do not rent a car, visitors tend to stick to the immediate surroundings on a map because let’s face it, you do not want to waste time wandering around looking for things outside of your vicinity. With the internet being an important resource, plan ahead if you are visiting and do not have a data plan for your smartphone. All of the major companies (Orange, Movistar, Vodaphone, etc) offer prepaid Sim cards fairly cheap that have data plans that will be essential to your plans and are sold at the airport or in the city.

Although we are very fortunate to live in Malaga and have an incredible list of museums, bars, music, and ancient points of interest within steps of most of our apartments, the Costa del Sol as a whole offers a rich variety of things to do and see. So how can YOU discover all of these fantastic areas on your own? Let us help guide you on getting around Malaga and the coast.

Your first option for getting around is a Taxi. When arriving at the airport, it is the fastest and surest way to ensure you are getting to your destination. We see many guests come to the city and attempt public transportation for the first time and get a bit lost or get off at the wrong stop causing additional stress and time to an already long day of travel. For this reason, we always recommend to arrive with either a city Taxi from in front of the Arrivals terminal a the stand or arrange for a private transfer direclty with us. Although these options are more expensive than say, a city bus, it is worth the investment when carrying all of your luggage and belongings looking for your accommodation.

Naturally, as taxis are more costly for daily use so once you are in the city and orientated, using the bus, metro, or local trains would make more economic sense and will take you near most destinations you wish to visit.


Your best option in the city would be the Malaga city bus. It is efficient and quick to get around. The cost per person is only 1.30? and you can pay when you board the bus (the airport bus is more expensive).? There is an application for your smartphone that comes in English or Spanish called EMT Malaga. (Android?or?iPhone).

EMT Malaga App
EMT Malaga App for your smartphone

This will tell either plan your trip, tell you what buses to take and what time as well as locate you using GPS.? (Tip:?Buy a 10, 15, or 20 trip card at a kiosk or tobacco shop and the price drops to 0.89? per trip. One card can be swiped multiple times for multiple people!)

Local Trains

Local trains

The local trains are known as ‘Cercanias’ and are run by the national train company, Renfe. There are 2 lines in Malaga the C1 and the C2. Both begin at the Malaga city Centre (Centro Alameda) and either head down the coast (C1) to Fuengirola or heads inland towards a white village called ?lora (C2). (Tip:?The C1 stops at the airport every 20 minutes and ends at the historic centre of Malaga. Be mindful of where your apartment is because it can be a long walk to your specific address if you are not careful!)

On-demand Apps

Alternatives to slower public transportation would be on demand App driven services such as Uber and Cabify.

? ? ?

Although more expensive for the long haul trip, within the city itself, short trips are only between 5.50 – 6?.? A little more than a standard bus fare for four people. Uber?(Android & iPhone) is subject to price fluctuations if the weather is adverse or during periods of high demand whereas Cabify (Android & iPhone) tends to be more price stable.

Finally, a useful resource to guide you is something you may already use on your smartphone.

Google Maps.??The transit systems have uploaded their timetables, bus and train numbers, stops & stations, and routes to Google maps.? Choose public transportation as your method and you will instantly get a list of bus and train connections to find your destination. It will lead you directly where you need to get on and off as well as give you public transportation options to further destinations such as Grenada or Sevilla.

Car Rental

Finally, if you do end up renting a car to explore, we can recommend 2 mobile apps to help guide your way around the area.



The first is Waze (Android & iPhone) which uses your mobile data but is very accurate as users update you on road closures, police speed traps, and gives helpful alternative routes.

The second is Sygic?(Android & iPhone) which I discovered when on holiday in the middle of Germany and my old GPS died. I downloaded the app as well as the maps I needed from my hotel room and voila, no mobile data needed. It is not dynamically updated like Waze but if you don’t have a compatible data plan or are visiting from outside the EU, it is a great alternative which I use on all of my long road trips.

Plug your mobile into your car charger as the battery will not last long if you try and run either of these without a power source.

However you decide to explore the city, when you rent your accommodation through, we are always available to offer you tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your holiday to the Costa del Sol.

Naturally, your planning for your next adventure on the beautiful Costa del Sol should start with your accommodation! For this you can start with and select your perfect holiday home.



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      I would use Sixt or Hertz. Be aware that many of the low cost car hire companies are located outside the airport and then you nee to take a shuttle bus to get there. It takes time.

      All the best

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