The best ice cream in Málaga

When you come visit, you have to try try the best ice cream in M?laga! Try our most popular flavors like leche merengada, turron or seasonal fruits. Now that the heat will be with us for the next months, you find yourself having ice cream twice a day!

Ice cream display that you can find everywhere in Malaga

When one thinks about delicious ice cream, often the word gelatto comes to mind. But in M?laga, more and more artisan ice cream shops are popping up, where they make creamy, soft, delicious ice cream worth trying. Helado is the word in Spanish, and if you don?t learn it by heart by the end of this post, you definitely will when you come to Malaga.

Now that it?s summer, the days are long and the heat a constant, one can?t help but indulge in this sweet treat that cools down our body temperature and satisfies our cravings.

We all know it, when the best ingredients are used, the final product is amazing. So, it doesn?t come as a surprise that all the best ice cream in Malaga is made with natural ingredients. They also have a large selection of flavors (they keep adding new ones), and options for food allergies and vegans? yay!

The most delicious (and traditional) flavors

When it comes to flavors, you can tell an ice cream is really good by trying the more traditional ones like vanilla or chocolate. But if you want to make your life more exciting, why not try one of the local favorites?

Artisanal ice cream with flavors from M?laga

The best ice cream in Malaga tastes like Turron (Spanish nougat), Rocher, vanilla (a.k.a. mantecado), pine nuts, dulce de leche and cheesecake to name a few. If that doesn?t make your mouth water, once you are in front of the shop and see all other options you certainly will!

A special mention goes to the turron ice cream. This nougat is a very popular flavor among malague?os because the main ingredient is almonds. This nut is largely produced in the fields of Malaga, hence it is used in all types of savory and sweet dishes of the local cuisine. Before you leave our sun-bathed city, you have to try it at least once? you won?t be disappointed.

The best ice cream shops

To be fair, not all the best ice cream shops are in the historical center district. If you want to try the best ice cream in Malaga, you will have to take a long walk – or bus ride – to Las Delicias. There, you will find Helader?a Inma, for many the best ice cream shop in all of Malaga. Long queues will lead the way to this temple of deliciousness. Funded over 40 years ago, this is a favorite among locals. Their most popular flavors are Kinder and Rocher.

Another very famous ice cream shop is Casa Mira. They make, without a doubt, the best turron ice cream in town. With two locations in the city center, this is the most convenient for tourists when they visit town.

It is long debated whether one location has better ice cream than the other, we?ll let you be the judge. One thing to keep in mind when you go to Casa Mira is that the ice creams are not displayed behind glass, so you can?t order by how one flavour looks. You will have to trust your preferred flavour is as delicious as it sounds.

Another really good ice cream shop is Heladeria Iceberg, located near the bus station. Their artisan ice creams are known for being creamy without abusing fat content. Their best ice creams are made with seasonal fruits.

There are many other places where you can have ice cream, but in these, you will definitely have the best ice cream in Malaga. Now don?t be shy and try them all, we?re not on holidays all the time, and you can diet when you get back home.

Enjoy the research!

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