The best fish in Malaga

If you want to taste the best fish in Malaga, you don’t have to spend much in fancy restaurants. We’ll show you how the locals do it to get the best fish and enjoy nice views in the process.

The first thing you have to know about eating fish in Malaga is what is caught locally, so you can eat the freshest available. In Malaga, local fishermen fish for sardines, mackerels and anchovies. Locals eat so much fish here, that the production is not enough, so many fresh fish you will find in markets or restaurants will come from other provinces of Andalusia.

Cadiz, Huelva or Almeria are also big producers and send fish to the markets in Malaga. Now don’t get me wrong, you can have great fresh mahi-mahi or sea bass (to name a few), but odds are it’s not going to be local.


Local sardines are small in size but big in flavor, and they are without a doubt the best fish in Malaga. The staple dish of the province is sworded sardines, called espetos?in Spanish. They are most commonly served by seafront restaurants.

The espetos are cooked in outdoor grills made out of wooden boats filled with sand. Firewood is used for heat, so you get a nice smoky flavor with your fish. So when you head out to the beach, look for restaurants that serve espetos and enjoy your meal with fantastic vies of the Mediterranean.

A popular saying says that sardines are best in the months that don’t have “r” so starting May you will have even better tasting sardines.

Anchovies are usually served in 2 different ways in Malaga, deep fried and in vinegar. The deep fried is usually covered in flour, and may be part of ?varied fish dish, whereas the anchovies in vinegar are served as a tapa and will pair wonderfully with an ice cold beer on top of a slice of bread. An interesting fact is that people call Malagans ?boquerones, which is Spanish for anchovies.?Another one of the best fish in Malaga is the mackerel. This delicious fatty fish will come (more commonly) in a platter with other fried fish.

boquerones fritos Malaga
Fried anchovies

The secret, old school fishing methods

The beauty of eating fish in Malaga is that modern fishing methods are not always used. Many owners of seafront restaurants are fishermen, or relatives of fishermen, and buy in the morning the catch of the day. Fishermen will go out to the sea very early in their small boats, and use their nets to catch whatever is available.?Once back in land, they’ll sell to the restaurant owner what they’ve caught without even going to the market or use any intermediary. Many restaurant in El Palo still buy their fish this way.

As you can see, the most common fish in Malaga are fatty fish, rich in omega 3. So while you enjoy the best fish in Malaga, you’ll take care of your heart, your memory, and cholesterol levels in general (although better not have it fried).

Other great places to eat fish in the city

I’m mentioning a lot seafront restaurants because it’s the most common place to have espetos, but you can get the best fish in Malaga also in the city. You can get fantastic fish at The Atarazanas (market hall) the bars located there will cook and serve it at the moment.?Also, restaurants like Chupitira? in the neighborhood of huelin,?Los Delfines in Malagueta or?Puro Pescaito in the historical center are all great options for having the best fish in Malaga.

You’ll learn to love sardines in Malaga


Now all you have to do is work your appetite, choose where you want to eat, and enjoy delicious fresh fish during your stay in Malaga. These are just a few ideas, but I’m sure you’ll find other fantastic restaurants where to eat delicious fish.

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