Summer in Malaga: beaches, mountains and a lot more

Poza de los Huevos in Mijas is perfect for a fresh water swimNow that the heat starts and everyone is thinking about the upcoming summer and going to the beach, we thought to give you a few ideas of activities to do during the summer in Malaga to combat the heat and avoid the crowds.

There are alternatives to going to La Malagueta beach and fighting to find a spot to put your towel and beach umbrella.

Outdoors: Beaches and mountains

First, we’ll let you in on a little secret: there are plenty more beaches in Malaga than just La Malagueta. Not only that, but some are even prettier and cleaner than the famous beach. A short bus ride away from the city center you will discover great beaches where the locals cool down. To the west you’ll find La Misericordia, Guadalmar and San Andr?s; to the east you can visit Pedregalejo, Ba?os del Carmen or El Dedo (also called Chanquete).

Now, we can’t promise it will be easy to find a spot on the beach during the summer in Malaga, but it will definitely be easier than in La Malagueta. Also, in these beaches you’ll find cheap beachfront restaurants where to go grab a bite, perhaps of fresh local fish. Did we hear sworded sardines??

You can also go the opposite direction and go towards the hills and visit Montes de Malaga Natural Park. You can get there with city bus line 37 from Alameda Principal. It’s a good place to go with kids as well. You can hike, ride bikes and enjoy the shade that pine trees provide. Also, you have a fantastic view of Malaga and the Mediterranean Sea.

Summer in Malaga, fresh water
Poza de los Huevos in Mijas is perfect for a hike and a fresh water swim

If you are willing to go a little further out of the city, in neighbouring towns of Nerja, Mijas, Benahav?s or Casares; there are plenty of hiking routes where you can go enjoy nature and swim in rivers and ponds. Although the hike might make you sweat plenty, the reward of a fresh water swim will keep you going. It is definitely a side of Malaga that is not as popular, so you’ll have plenty of space and silence for yourself.

Indoors: Museums and shopping

The many museums Malaga has, are a good way to enjoy art and history while being in the comfort of modern air conditioning. A fantastic break during the central hours of the day when the heat can be excessive. A bit further out of the historical center is the old tobacco factory.

Russian museum malaga
Russian Museum in the old Tobacco Factory

Build in the early XXth century, the old tobacco factory is made out of 11 separate pavilions. The buildings have beautiful regional architecture of the period. In the complex you will find the Automobile Museum of Malaga and the Russian Art Museum.

Two very different visits all in one place. They are definitely worth the short bus ride! The Automobile Museum covers the history of cars from the late 19th century onwards, with cool Jaguars, rare Austin Seven and designer cars.

The Russian Museum, on the other hand, has a well picked selection of pieces from the St. Petersburg Museum, ranging from classic Russian art to more modern pieces by artists like Kandinsky.

Shopping in August is the best time of year. Every summer in Malaga, (and the rest of Spain) during the month of August we have the sales period. Everything is 50% off and even more. If you find that prices are lower in Malaga that your home country, then bring an empty suitcase if you come during this month! The rebajas?(sales) are a true delight, because they include absolutely every product that can be sold, and is not limited to fashion.

Shopping Malaga
Calle Larios

The sales during the hot summer in Malaga, are yet another excuse to benefit from the air conditioning in the stores, and will help you not to dehydrate during the hottest month of the year. Go to Larios Shopping Center near the train station or Vialia, where the station is located. We don’t recommend catching a movie unless you’re fluent in Spanish though, they’re all dubbed.

So you get the idea: if you want to enjoy the outdoors, explore other beaches in the city or go to the hills of Malaga. If you prefer the more urban environment, museums, stores and shopping centers will be your Mecca.

Whatever you do, enjoy every little moment, stop and take a look around. There are surprises everywhere in Malaga and its people are open, friendly and welcoming.

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