Information about Covid-19 in Andalucia

“Stay Safe”: Solaga’s commitment

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Our company has always been known for its impeccable reputation when it comes to the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness of our properties. Over the last 11 years of operation, our guests have praised us time and time again for the immaculate state of our holiday apartments.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented extra steps and disinfection routines to ensure the safety of both our guests and staff.

To that effect, we constantly monitor the Spanish Ministry of Health (?Sanidad?), the Andalusian government and the World Health Organization (WHO) to check on latest guidance. We are also in constant contact with industry specialists to ensure we are at the forefront of the fight against any potential spread of the virus.

Below are some additional measures we have implemented to date to our already rigorous cleaning protocols:

Staff training  


All of our staff have undergone extra training specifically geared to fight the potential spread of COVID-19 and receive constant updates of any sanitary news.  Housekeeping and hygiene protocols for both our properties and our office have been reinforced.

Hand hygiene  

Proper and frequent cleaning of the hands is parament to containing the spread of the virus. Extra signage has been posted everywhere as a reminder to both guests and staff. Hand sanitizing stations (hydroalcoholic gel dispensers) are available in the properties.

Your holiday apartment   


All of our apartments are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each guest. The cleaning time and frequency for each property have been extended specifically to maximize the standards of hygiene focusing specifically on the containment of the virus. We have also made an effort to ?declutter? our apartments by removing any unnecessary object. A bottle of bleach will be provided free of charge in every property

?High-touch? areas


Extra attention is applied to ?high-touch? areas (most frequently touched) such as:  entrances, door knobs, elevator buttons, light switches, door handles, electronic remote controls, thermostats, major bathroom surfaces, bed and bedding, closet goods (irons, tables etc) kettles etc.

Cleaning products and protocols

All the products we use to clean and disinfect our apartments and offices are recommended by the Spanish Ministry of Health. Aside from the standard cleaning products, we use products that are recognized as being highly effective against the COVID-19 virus and hospital-grade disinfectants

Contactless check-ins and check-outs to respect social distancing


Direct person-to-person contact is the primary way COVID-19 is spread. While it is almost inevitable during a holiday to avoid human contacts, we will make sure those are kept to a minimum. Check-ins and check-outs are carried out by trained professionals who will be wearing protective equipment (masks and gloves). No physical contact will be needed during the process and for extra peace of mind, you can opt for a contact-fee check-in and check-out. 

Laundry services

The professional laundry service we use has also enhanced its procedures to ensure bed linen and towels are cleaned and pressed at the highest temperatures while using recommended detergents

Contamination protocol


In case we are made aware that a guest has been infected by the virus, we will quarantine the apartment and move future guests to alternative accommodation, undertaking additional cleaning and disinfection protocol where needed. Use of enhanced technology to help counter virus spread such as electrostatic sprayers.

Extra assistance

In case a guest needs any medical or administrative assistance (contacts with local embassy, consulate, airlines, translations etc), it will be provided free of charge to make your stay as stress-free as possible.


Stay Safe. Stay with Solaga.

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