Where to stay in Malaga city?

The city of Malaga is magical. Each corner has a special “something”. However, if we talk in terms of where to stay in Malaga City for a few, or many, days then there are certain details that we need to consider.

Here we?ve written a brief description of the three main areas of the city of M?laga to stay during your holiday: Historic Centre of M?laga, La Malagueta and Pedregalejo.

The historic centre of Malaga is like any city, the hub of social and tourist activity can be found here, like everything good and bad that can result. The good, you have everything on your doorstep and live near the vibrant local life: markets, restaurants, museums, bars, shops, public transport … The bad, there are always people moving through the streets near your apartment, and many more if it is one of the most famous festivals like Feria or Easter. It is worth mentioning though that you can stay in the historic centre and be lucky enough to get an apartment in a quiet alley.

calle larios

The historic centre of the city of Malaga comprises an area of approximately 1 square kilometre; it consists of narrow pedestrian streets surrounded by stone buildings, mostly built in the nineteenth century. Many of them have been restored in recent years, while preserving its original style. No doubt it is the economic and tourist centre of Malaga. The famous, marble paved, Calle Larios, houses some of the most famous stores worldwide. In the centre are known attractions such as the Thyssen Museum and the Picasso Museum, the Alcazaba, the Cervantes Theatre, the Cathedral…. in addition to bars, restaurants, local markets.

From the centre you can easily access the beach or walk to Muelle Uno (about 15 minutes) or by bus (5 minutes).

The area of La Malagueta has everything you can ask for with a holiday near the sea and the city. You will be very near the historic centre and all its attractions (about 15 minutes? walk) and you’ll be a stone?s throw from the beach.

La Malagueta is undoubtedly one of the favourite places to stay, offering a quiet area, where you can rub shoulders with the locals. In La Malagueta there are no hotels, so the best option is to rent a holiday apartment.

Malagueta beach

La Malagueta is separated from the historic centre by the harbour “Muelle Uno” and the Paseo del Parque, and has good, regular public transport.

The biggest attraction of the area is the beach of La Malagueta. It?s around 3.4km in length and is mainly a sandy beach lined with palm trees, and a beautiful promenade with “chiringuitos” dotted along it, beach bars that specialise in fish, try the traditional grilled sardines (espeto de sardinas) or a beer.

The neighbourhood of Pedregalejo, is just down the Malagueta, from Ba?os del Carmen. It is a quiet beach neighbourhood, with picturesque houses on the beachfront.

Pedregalejo is a quaint and quiet beach town located about 4 km east of downtown Malaga. It used to be an old fishing village, but eventually was gaining popularity because of its many quiet coves and fish restaurants.


During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Pedregalejo was famous for its beautiful summer homes owned by the “Malaga” upper class and upper middle.

Pedregalejo has several metres of small coves, which are often very busy. It has a wide range of bars and restaurants along the promenade, which are very popular with locals and tourists (especially at sunset to enjoy a Mojito or beer). Pedregalejo has a blissful atmosphere.

To go to the historic centre from Pedregalejo, you really need to take the bus that runs frequently, since it?s a few kilometres to walk (approximately 4.5kms).

In conclusion, each area has its charm, now it?s over to you to make the decisi?n.

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