Solaga stands in solidarity with Ukraine

Politics aside, the current conflict in Ukraine is causing a devastating humanitarian crisis that is simply unjustifiable. At Solaga Holiday Homes, we would like to express our feelings of utter sorrow and consternation over the dreadful situation the Ukrainian people are subjected to.

Being a small holiday rental company based in Malaga, we have been trying over the last few days to find a way to help, and “do our bit”, asking ourselves a question that many at home probably have been asking themselves lately: what can we do to help?

All of a sudden, the revelation came on its own.

How can we help?

Over the past few weeks, we have received several guests from Ukraine in our apartments, people who were simply traveling around the country and stopped by Malaga on a holiday. By speaking to them, we discovered their immediate real needs. In most cases, these Ukrainian travelers became stranded in Malaga from one day to the other and simply needed some time and space to think about what to do next. We quickly realised that these families needed a place to stay for a while longer to gauge their options, and of course at a minimal cost. Needless to say that given the current climate in their country, they have to be cautious with their financial situation. What was also very important to them was to reunite with the rest of their families that they had left behind, and in many instances help them flee the country and bring them here to Malaga.

We therefore decided to contact all the owners of the properties we manage (we only act as an intermediary agent between the owner of the property and the guests), and asked them straight out if they would be willing to help by offering discounts to our Ukrainian guests and their families who needed help.

To our amazement, the immense majority of property owners (not to say all) not only offered substantial discounts but most even offered accommodation completely free of charge! The response and generosity from our owners were simply overwhelming. As we speak, we are hosting 4 different Ukrainian refugee families who, in one way or another, have made their way to Malaga.

Ukrainian guests accomodation

From our end, at Solaga Holiday Homes, we decided to completely waive our commission and cleaning costs, hence providing accommodation free of charge to our Ukrainian guests and their families. Where we can, we also offer assistance with translations and any other support they may need during their stay. This is our humble pledge of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Most of our Ukrainian guests, families and friends will be staying with us for the next few weeks until such time they can figure out what comes next.

From our perspective, this terrible situation taught us a very valuable lession in life: in the worse possible times, one can always count on fellow human beings to help in ways that one could never have phathomed.

The solidarity that we have witnessed in the past few days helped restore a bit of faith in humanity, which is much, much needed right now.

How can you help?

If you are in Malaga and want to assist, there are plenty of organizations that are collecting goods and food for Ukraine. We have put together some of them that you can check here.

In case you know of a Ukrainian family who needs assistance in Malaga, the local government has provided a unique telephone point of contact: +34 690 15 64 30 where volunteers will be able to assist.

Out of the fires of desperation burn hope and solidarity” – Sharan Burrow

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