Shopping in Malaga: best shopping centres, streets and outlets!

Malaga is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer: it has a wide offer of Mediterranean and International restaurants, leisures and cultural places, beautiful nature spots and, of course, places to do shopping. 

Even though online shopping is everytime more common in our daily routines, it’s true that going outside and spending the evening in a shopping centre is something most people like from time to time. Also, in Malaga we have the chance to go to open shopping centres where, apart from buying some clothes, you can enjoy Andalusia weather and eat in the many restaurants these places offer you. 

If you are looking for the best shopping places in Malaga, in this article you’ll find the most famous and interesting ones.

🔸Malaga Shopping Centres

1. Larios Shopping Centre

larios shopping centre malaga

This shopping centre is located next to Malaga city center. It’s a big building with more than 80 shops where you’ll find jewelry, clothes, sunglasses, technology… Some of the most famous ones are: Primark, Fnac, Zara… Also it has been recently renovated and has many places to eat too.

It has two floors, and, I know you are thinking about it: yes, it has a parking space! 

📍 Location: Av. de la Aurora, 25, 29002, Málaga

2. Vialia

Muelle uno, open shopping centre in malaga city centre

This shopping mall is very interesting as it’s also the Malaga train station (what is called Estación de Trenes Málaga María Zambrano). Trains to every city of Spain leave from there and inside, you’ll find the regional Malaga train (Cercanías de Málaga) which you can use for travelling comfortably to different towns all over Costa del Sol. 

Vialia shopping centre, which is smaller than Larios, it’s very comfortable as all the shops are located on the first floor and shops used to be quite big there. Also, it has a big supermarket (Mercadona), where you can buy food too. 

On the second floor of this shopping centre, there is a leisure and entertainment area with a cinema, and many fast food restaurants (Burger King, Foster’s Hollywood, Pizza Hut…)

📍 Location: C/ Héroe de Sostoa, 22, 29002, Málaga

3. La Rosaleda

This shopping centre is the farest one from the city centre. It is located right next to Malaga Football  Stadio ‘La Rosaleda’. 

It also has a cinema which is the cheapest in the city (5€ every day and 3,7€ on wednesday because it’s, what we call here, ‘Día del Espectador: audience day’) and there are shops like Decathlon, Lefties, Calzedonia…

There are also fast food restaurants and parking spaces.

📍 Location: Av. Simón Bolívar, S/N, Málaga

4. El Corte Inglés

You don’t live the full Spanish experience if you don’t visit El Corte Inglés. This spanish brand has shopping malls all over Spain and they usually are multi-storeys buildings with different sections: you’ll find baby clothes and products, home decoration and furniture, perfumery, sports equipment, travel agencies, casual and party clothes, a gourmet area with luxury gastronomy products and drinks … 

This shopping mall used to be very sophisticated and it had only expensive brands. However, it has become more affordable over the years and you can find both the most luxurious brands and others more cost-effective. 

One of the best parts of this shopping centre is its terrace, where you can enjoy a drink with incredible views all over Malaga city centre. It has many restaurants on the last floor too.

📍 Location: Av. de Andalucía, 4, 6, Málaga

🔸Malaga Outlet

1. Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is, without doubt, the most famous shopping centre in Malaga and Costa del Sol. I can understand why, as it’s an open shopping mall composed of charming buildings with a mediterranean style and a wide variety of restaurants and bars. 

It has a cinema, with films in VSO, and a children’s area where you can spend a complete family day. 

Also, it has a luxury brand outlet that was recently open, where you’ll find a great number of the best clothing brands worldwide with excellent discounts.If you want to know more about this shopping centre, read our article about it and we’ll show you the most useful information about it, such as, schedule, how to get there, and more!

📍Location: Calle Alfonso Ponce de León, 3-2, 29004 Málaga

2. Malaga Nostrum

This outlet is located in Gualdamar industrial area, and it has a big El Corte Inglés outlet and other big shops like Tienda Animal (pet shops) or Big Sofás (furniture shop)

It also has a cinema and a bowling alley. 

📍Location: C. Jaén, 129004, Málaga

🔸Malaga shopping streets

1. Calle Larios

Calle Larios is the most famous and probably photographed street in Malaga. As the main street of the city, it has some of the most successful shops and brands like Bimba & Lola, Victoria’s Secret or Massimo Dutti. 

I highly recommend you to visit it, not just for shopping, but to enjoy its beautiful and old buildings. It’s the heart of Malaga, so it’s always very busy.

2. Calle Nueva (centro)

This is the parallel street to Calle Larios. It’s just one minute walk from the first one and it has some interesting shops too: Natura, Sfera, Tiger…

You can spend your morning or afternoon visiting shops from both streets, and then, going out for some tapas in the city center! 

If you are looking for the best places to try Spanish tapas, we’ll show you here! 

At Solaga, we have beautiful apartments just 10 seconds walking from these frequently-visited streets. Check them out here!

3. Muelle 1

This area is also an open shopping center right next to the sea. It’s the Port of Malaga and you won’t find only shops and restaurants there, but a cultural and vibrant space with museums (Center Pompidou Malaga is there), events and incredible views all over Malaga old town. 

As you have seen, there are plenty of places to do shopping and spend the whole day in our city. No matter what type of brand you’re looking for, you’ll find it whether in Malaga shopping centres, outlets or directly on the city centre streets! 

📍Location: P.º del Muelle Uno, 4, 29016

Shopping in Malaga: shops for every liking

Come to our city and visit Malaga shops!

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