Relaxing holiday in Malaga

When you visit Malaga, you have to get in the groove. Turn off your portable devices and enjoy the simple things in life. In this blog normally we tell you the many things you can do when you come to Malaga… so this time we thought for a change telling you what will not need to do.

Whenever one visits a different country, you want to take in as much as you can, see all the monuments, experience the culture and so on. This usually means you end up walking long distances and spend all day on your feet. By the time the sun sets you are so tired, you go to bed feeling you ran a marathon. And by the time you fly back home you feel as though you need a couple of days to recuperate form your holiday.

Not in Malaga. Fortunately the city center of Malaga is quite small, and most of the landmarks are concentrated in that small area. This means you can actually enjoy a slow-paced, and relaxing holiday in Malaga.

A typical day

For your typical day you can wake up late and go have a traditional breakfast. Go to the closest churros place or have a toast with tomato, extra virgin olive oil and cured ham. If you don’t care about cholesterol you can try local spreads like manteca color?, sobrasada or zurrapa, which are made with pork lard and meat, and spices. After the huge calorie intake you’re ready to hit the sights. Take a walk down the crooked streets without a set destination and admire the Moorish architecture.? Go to the Cathedral and take the rooftop tour. You’ll be able to enjoy privileged views of the city and take amazing pictures.

Now you’re ready for lunch… and siesta.

Let your nose be the guide (and judge) and go to any of the many tapas bars in the area and enjoy Spanish cuisine. If you are unsure where to go, you can check-out our gastronomy section for many recommendations on eateries.

After your siesta, you can go to the beach la Malagueta. The walk form the center takes you to a beautiful green space called Paseo del Parque, with exuberant topical plants filled with parrots. Take some pictures at the famous Malagueta sign and enjoy the sights. For a truly relaxing holiday in Malaga, spend time watching people pass by, doing nothing. Clear your head with the sound of the waves and soak your feet in the water.

On the way back, you can stop at Muelle Uno (harbor) and dine while watching the sunset behind the Ferris Wheel.


When in Malaga, do as malague?os

It may feel that there are many tourists in the city center. This may be true, but only in certain times of the day. Locals tend to go to centro after work or after the hottest hours of the day. So starting 19:00 you will start to notice more and more malague?os around. The center is a place to go meet friends, have tapas, do some shopping. Locals also often go to the city center for after-work drinks and for dancing.

The city center is a place for locals to enjoy their spare time, hang out, enjoy live music or a show. A place to take a stroll, have a cold beer or sweet wine and a tapa and then go to the next bar.

Malague?os also love going to the beach in their spare time. If the weather is too cold for bathing, they will just go for the views, to eat fresh fish and relax. It’s also great for kids as they can play and burn off all of their energy.

The constant is always to enjoy quality time outdoors when they are not working. Release stress with a few laughs among family or friends. Take it slow.

So when you come remember: do not hurry, do not check your emails, do not plan ahead. Enjoy a truly relaxing holiday in Malaga!

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