Phrases and expressions from Malaga you need to know

Malague?o Dictionary

The people of Malaga are known worldwide as very cheerful and friendly people. However, they are also known for their particular accent and way of speaking. One of its peculiarities is that they have created, over the years, a few key phrases which are vital in communicating when in Malaga, this “vocabulary” can only be recognized by other people from Malaga.

We want you to be fully prepared when walking around the city, so here are our suggestions of what you should know.

Let’s start with some terms related to food:

– Cafelito: coffee
– Pulga / pulguita: a very small sandwich bread (5 cm approx.)
– Pitufo: the same as a Pulga but a little larger (10cm approx.)
– Viena: a half size baguette (size may vary from 15cm to 20cm)
– Mollete: a softer bread is used for this sandwich and it is round
– S?ndwich: a regular sandwich with sliced bread
– Campero: a round sandwich, similar to a bun, cob or bap
– Pan Cateto: a large toasted round loaf, with a rustic oven-baked finish.
– Boller?a: are sweet breads such as croissants, pastries, breads filled with chocolate and glazed sweetened breads among others.

To explain the coffees, it is best explained with pictures. Note that they vary according to the amount of milk and coffee:

– Ca?a: a small glass of beer (200 ? 250ml)
– Tercio or Tubo: a glass of beer equal in size to a can (333ml)
– Espeto: grilled sardines usually cooked on a wooden stick over a wood fire
– Boquerones: big anchovies
– Gazpachuelo: hot fish soup with mayonnaise
– Que Canina: I am hungry

And we continue with some general terms:

– Terral / calina: hot wind from Seville
– Cal?: heat.
– Petao: full.
– Irse la olla / irse la pinza: go crazy
– Jaleo: racket or rukus (relating to noise)
– Moraga: Night party at the beach.
– Pech?: too much / many
– Mijita: a little
– Mihitica: tiny
– Perita: Very good
– Guiri: foreigner, usually with blond hair
– Pinbon: handsome or attractive guy or girl
– Guarrito: a drill
– Rosco: inflatable for the pool
– Biznaga: bouquet of jasmine
– Perola: head
– Quedarse sopa: sleep
– Aplatanao: wanting for nothing
– Nov?: no way
– Rosetas: popcorn and corn crisps
– Showarman: kebab
– Los chinos: shops that sell everything literally and are open virtually 24 hours a day (usually served by Asians)
– Chumin?: nonsense
– Chorra: luck
– Chalao: silly
– Boquer?n: a person from Malaga.
– Aliquindoi: attentive.
– Claro: of course
– Hacer el gato: cheat.
– Chiringuito: restaurant facing the sea


These are just a few terms to help you make your way around the beautiful city of M?laga. If you want to add any other term or word that has impacted you during your visit, tell us!

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