Matahambre tavern in Malaga

Matahambre, translated as something like “hunger killer”. It’s a well deserved name!?In Malaga there are infinite options of bars, restaurants and taverns to please all tastes. But some places just stand out from the others. After finding out that this place has some really good reviews on Foursquare, we decided to pass by.?Matahambre tavern?is located in the historic city centre of Malaga, on the corner of one of the most famous streets, surrounded by other bars and restaurants. It is a good street if you want to taste a few different places in one day or night. The decoration of the tavern is a mix between modern and classic Spanish. It is quite big, with two floors full of tables and a few more outside, if you fancy some fresh air and sunshine.


The menu is based on “tapas” plates or portions to share. There is no such thing as main courses, or starters; just really nice different types of “bites” to try. 150 actually. You can have a full portion or half portion. They are big, so don’t go crazy ordering too many at first. My recommendation: order half portions of as many different options as you can afford!

Matahambre started in 2005 with a small tavern in Torremolinos, Malaga. It must have been a successful business as nowadays there are 10 of them, 9 in Malaga province. Miguel, the person in charge of the tavern in the historic city centre, gave us a personal recommendation of what to try when you’re there. Here you are:

“Crujientes de gambas y verduras” (crunchy prawns and vegetables), “rolos de carne mechada” (shredded beef roll), “reban? de jam?n ib?rico y tomate” (typical Iberian ham and tomato) and “ensalada de queso de cabra” (goat’s cheese salad). All are available in half portions to share. Then if you fancy something sweet, try their brownies, the toffee cake or the one called “perdici?n del convento” made with apple strudel, almonds and cinnamon ice-cream. Do not miss the house wine, “Entierracuras crianza”, as it is difficult to find in any other bar. And on Thursdays maybe you can go for a beer, or even two (they are 2 x 1).


If you want to know a little bit more about the place and maybe have a quick look at their menu, check out their creative website.

Are you still wondering how the place looks like? then give it a 360 quick view here!


Calle Calderer?as, 7, 29008. Malaga
+34 952629762
Tue – Sun: 1pm – 4:30pm / 8pm – 12:30pm


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