Malaga’s gastronomy: evolution or revolution?

Up until recently the city of Malaga was somewhere you had to look up on the map to get an idea of where it even was. It was merely a pit-stop on the way to the lazy Costa del Sol beaches. And to be perfectly fair, it was not exactly?known as a Michelin-star destination.

Today, Malaga is unrecognizable from its former self. People from all over the world flock to the city to experience first-hand this revolutionary change in culture, music and gastronomy, which are turning the city into what some would consider the Barcelona of the south. The evolution has taken the Malaga food scene from a few fried anchovies and room-temperature potato salad found on each corner bar?to trendy and chic gastronomical treasures. An example of how gastronomy can be used as a barometer to gauge changes in a city’s identity.

Here are a few hidden treasures that we at Solaga would like to share with you.

The Modern Touch

La Cosmopolita -?Calle Jos? Denis Belgrano, 3

A mix of tradition and modern technique that comes off fresh and interesting

Restaurante EbokaCalle Pedro de Toledo, 4

Without losing its traditional origins, Eboka modernizes Spanish gastronomical staples with a new perspectives and styles.

Mixt?rate Gastrobar – Calle Casas de Campos, 4

A type of food that reflects the SoHo neighborhood spirit, daring and innovative

The Old Time favorites

El Pimpi -?Calle Granada, 62

An institution in Malaga, an obligatory stop for a sweet Malaga sherry, a few tapas or a bit of flamenco

Restaurante Refectorium Malagueta –?Calle Cervantes, 8

Typical Costa del Sol fare done right, delicious, great service, great atmosphere

Montana –?Calle Comp?s de la Victoria, 5

Great traditional food in an al fresco setting


El Pimpi Florida -?Calle Almer?a, 13

Off the tourist tracks, but definitely worth a visit. A loud and festive combination of music, food and drinks, Spanish style.

Mes?n de Cervantes -?Calle ?lamos, 11

Excellent tapas and wine selection, a locals’ favorite

Cervecer?a Los Gatos Plaza Uncibay, 9

One of the busiest and most sought-after tavern in Malaga, good food and atmosphere




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