Get a ride in the famous big Wheel of Malaga City

Malaga has a new attraction.

There are many attractions in this beautiful city, but since last August, a new figure adorns the views of the city, The Malaga Big Wheel. It is located at the beginning of the port entrance (Muelle Uno), next to the Plaza de La Marina and is expected to remain for eight months, starting from August 2015.

Here are some important facts about this new attraction:


– It took two weeks to install with the help of 25 special trucks and about 25 men.
– It is a “mobile” attraction, it is designed to be taken apart and transported and installed in different cities and is now the largest transportable attraction in Europe.

– It weighs about 600 tons and is 70 meters high!

– It has 42 cabins with air conditioning and 360-degree visibility of the city of Malaga, the Mediterranean and the port. It is said that you can see for 30km.

– In each cabin can hold a maximum of 8 people and is wheelchair friendly.

– It is equipped with lights to illuminate the beautiful panorama of the city overnight.

– It takes about 4 minutes to complete a full circle.

– It is operational until 1am during weekends (perfect for after a romantic dinner!). The daily schedule is from 11h to 23h.

– The entry costs 10 ? per person, 8 ? for groups of 8 people, ? 7 if you come with your family 8 ? over 65 years old and children under 0,8mts go free.

Are you tempted to visit?

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