Visit some of Malagas best Viewpoints

Meet the city from “above”

As we know M?laga is a coastal city, but not many know that it is surrounded by small (and some not so small) mountains, from where you can get a wonderful and unique view of the city.

This geographical constitution and the creative people of Malaga have teamed up to find viewpoints (?miradores? in Spanish) from where you can have the best views of the fireworks which open the ?Feria de Malaga?, a different sunset or just a different view of the city.

We have prepared a small description of the best known:

Gibralfaro Viewpoint

Undoubtedly the best known and most visited. You can walk from the bottom of Paseo del Parque, about 10 minutes of a fairly steep climb, to this viewpoint or you can drive up round the back, parking in the Parador de M?laga Gibralfaro. It offers a view of the stunning city centre. It is worth noting that the view is very similar to that obtained from Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, only this is free.

Find it here: Calle Champs Elys?es, 29016 M?laga


The “Blapo” Viewpoint

It is in the Cerrado de Calderon neighbourhood, near the south gate of the park ?Morlaco?. It used to be a typical site where young people congregated where others had limited access. The facilities show signs of ancient graffiti and a much deteriorated play park, so it is quite popular among young “hipster” people.

Find it here: Calle De La Abihuela, 29018 M?laga

Montes de M?laga Viewpoint

We’ve written before about the mountains of M?laga and the spectacular views so therefore could not miss it out from our list. Actually, as you go up the road there are countless places to stop and admire the view from where you are. However, the most popular site is the viewpoint from Restaurante El Mirador. It’s a great excuse to spend a day in the mountains.

Find it here: A-7000. M?laga (Coordinates 36.766396, -4.377062)

The “Falcon” Viewpoint

The peculiar name “falc?n” was given to this viewpoint by the residents of the area and because it is very close to a house which they say is like the house in the TV series Falcon Crest! It’s in the neighbourhood of Cerrado de Calderon. To get there you must leave your vehicle in the parking at the Ba?os del Carmen, and follow a small path leading to a small balcony. It is said that from this viewpoint you have a very good view of the Alboran Sea.

Find it here: (parking) Avenida Pintor Joaquin Sorolla, 68. 29017 M?laga


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