Malaga’s Best Flamenco Shows

You want to see a flamenco show while in Malaga, but have no idea where to catch one? Not to worry, at Solaga we’ve made a list of the best, so you don’t end up in a second-rate or overpriced tourist show.

So you’ve come to southern Spain. You have some expectations that you want to be met: eat tapas, enjoy the sun and the beaches, eat jam?n and cured cheese, visit a few museums and perhaps see a flamenco show (with dinner if possible).

We?ve prepared a list of the best Tablaos Flamencos (flamenco shows) in the city. Some include dinner, some cocktails, some tapas; but all are genuine flamenco shows with live music, not ?your typical-prepackaged-mediocre tourist attractions.

Tablao Los Amaya.

Flamenco show on stage at Los Amayas
Flamenco dancer at Los Amayas

Located in El Liceo discoteque on calle Beatas, it is run by a family from Granada with decades in flamenco show business. They do pure flamenco on a small stage with colored lights, for an intimate, cozy atmosphere.

Where: Calle Beatas, 21

When: Every day from 19:00 to 21:00

Price: 25? (includes cocktail)

Flamenco El Soho.

Flamenco show and dinner at Soho
Flamenco show and dinner at Soho

This venue is in a typical Andalusian patio, with geraniums hanging from the walls and paper lamps on the ceiling. It is run by a well-known dancer or bailaora from Malaga, Marina Aranda, and has great artists performing in the show. This is the closest you will find to dinner + show, as they serve a platter with jamon, cheese and other cured meats, plus a cocktail with the tickets.

Where: Calle Vendeja, 30

When: Thursdays to Sundays at 20:30

Price: 27? (with cocktail) 30? (cocktail and jam?n and cheese tapas). Reduced prices for children.

Kalip? Flamenco Art Centre.

Flamenco dancer on center stage at Kelip?.
Flamenco dancer on center stage at Kelip?.

Art school by day, flamenco show by night. It is raw and authentic, where artists improvise what music inspires in the moment to keep it ?real?. It is a small venue for 70 people, so it?s good to get there early or book ahead.

Where: Calle Muro de Puerta Nueva, 10

When: Thursday to Saturday at 21:00

Price: 24? (includes 2 drinks)

Juan Breva Flamenco Museum.

Pure art at the Flamenco Museum Juan Cueva.
Pure art at the Flamenco Museum Juan Cueva.

Typical flamenco tavern, go down the stairs to get to the small intimate tablao. It is a museum as well, therefore, the decorations are important staples of flamenco art and artists. The first Friday of every month, they change the show to Saturday and hold a dinner + show called Berza Flamenca. Here you will find mostly flamenco live music, it is more a recital than a dance show. Ideal for flamenco enthusiasts.

Where: Calle Ram?n Franquelo, 4

When: Tuesdays at 21:00 and Fridays at 22:30 (except first of the month)

Price: Free

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  1. You don’t mention Vino Mio, next to Theatro Cervantes. They have a flamenco show in the evenings, Wednesday to Sunday, to watch while eating. The food is very good and the service excellent .

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