It is all about Malaga Fair 2013

The fair is just about to start. The streets are being decorated, getting ready to receive thousands of locals and tourist; dancing, singing, eating and drinking around Malaga. Malaga Fair will be held this year from the 17th until the 24th of August, that means 11 days of fun at the streets. There will be a wide range of leisure activities in order to meet everyone?s needs. The program for this year include up to 200 free shows around the city, like flamenco shows at the streets, traditional concerts from Malaga?s artists, rides for children, 9 museums with different kind of expositions and shows of famous artist from Spain like Chambao or Andy y Lucas, for example. There will be also paid activities that are quite popular among the visitants, like the spanish bullfights in ?La Malagueta? which prices are in between 30? and 140?, depending the day and the sit. Here we give you a link to a site where you can buy the tickets.

One Fair, two faces

Malaga Fair has two different faces, one during the day and one at night. The reason is because during the day, all the activities are around the historical city centre, where the streets are decorated with tents and lanterns, bars and restaurants are overflowing with people having beers or tapas and there are people dancing and playing flamenco in every corner.

When the night has come, a bit further away from the city centre near to “Palacio de Congresos”, the party has its role in a sort of prepared fairground. There, the visitors can dance in any of the stalls that sells food and drinks or enjoy the attractions made for children.

Both, during the day and night, it is really typical to see the local ladies dressing “flamenco costumes”. If you decide to join them, do not worry, in nearly every corner of the city centre, there are shops that sells them. But do not expect something cheap, the prices are in between 100? and 500?.

Tradition since 1487

All started with a Monarchic and Catholic celebration meaning. In 1487, the Catholics Monarchs Isabel and Fernando re-conquered Malaga from the Moors, incorporating it into the Castilian Crown. Since then, regarding the religious celebrations of August, the Municipal Town Council decreed the establishment of popular festivities.

Our personal recommendations during the Fair:

– The Birthplace of Picasso, CAC (Centro de Arte Contempor?neo)

Where: Plaza de la Merced, 15

Free entry

– The Carmen Thyssen Museum

Where: Calle Compa??a, 10

Free entry

– Alcazaba of Malaga

Where: Calle Alcazabilla

Price: 2.20? general – free Sunday after 14:00

– Andy y Lucas Concert

Where: Teatro Municipal

Free entry

– Fiesta de Verdiales (folk music) – 18/August at 13:00

Where: Calle Marques de Larios

Free entry

– Bullfight in La Malagueta – 19/August at 19:00

Where: La Malagueta

Price: from 30? to 140?

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