Information about the Fair in Nerja

Welcome to Nerja!


Nerja is a perfect destination to visit during your holidays if you want to?take a?day trip from Malaga. This lovely town?is located about 52 kilometers from Malaga and 100 kilometers from Granada.

The village is famous for the amazing Nerja?beaches, the beautiful ?white houses? and the blue?water. In fact the name “Nerja” comes from the arabic word ‘narixa’ which means ‘beautiful fountain?.


Bus to Nerja?

The journey time is aprox. 1 hour with a direct bus and if you take a ?normal bus? the journey time is 1 hour and 25 minutes. During the day there are a lot of departures from Malaga, which should make it easy to plan your trip if you want to leave early or at noon. The prices of a bus to Nerja might variate from 4 euros to 5 euros, one way.


Nerja, Caves and beaches?

The caves of Nerja are an attraction worth mentioning, in them you can find some of the oldest rock art in the history of humanity. More important is that the Nerja Caves are open to the public. You could also visit the famous Balcon de Europa which has a spectacular sea view. Close to Balcon de Europa is the beach Playa La Caletilla. Another option is to go to Playa de Calahonda,?this amazing beach can actually be seen from the Balcon de Europa. From a short 15 minute walk you can get?to Playa de Carabao. This beach is known for its dark Mediterranean sand. For those who like water sports, you can also go for a kayak or paddle trip from the beach.


La feria de Nerja

La Feria de Nerja 2016 is celebrated in different places of the village?and you can experience the party and the beautiful town?at the same time.

During the Feria you can experience a lot of different activities: We will mention a few here, you can read the full plan of activities here.

1: 8th October 20:00h Official inauguration of the artistic Lighting Fair of Nerja 2016.

2: 9th October 13:30h the flamenco show Duende at the Balcony of Europe.

3: 11th October 00:00h Antonio Jos? will perform at Caseta Municipal en Plaza de Espa?a.

Enjoy your stay in Nerja and tell us what you like the most about this little town!


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