Explore Málaga by train

The commuter train can take you along the coast and mountains of Malaga for not much more than the price of a coffee!

The Renfe Malaga trains offer wonderful, totally affordable, destinations. Either from the station located in the historic centre, “Malaga Centro-Alameda”, or from Central Station “Mar?a Zambrano” you can jump on the train that will take you to a number of attractions.

There are two main lines, which runs from downtown Malaga to Fuengirola and from Malaga centre to Alora, in the mountains of the famous El Chorro Park.

In the picture you can see both lines and stops. This article will tell you how to enjoy Malaga without a car…travelling by train! The cost depends on your destination:

Zones 1 and 2 – 1.80 ?

Zone 3 – 2.00 ?

Zone 4 – 2.65 ?

Zone 5 – 3.55 ?


Line M?laga Centro – Fuengirola

This line has many points of interest. At almost every stop there is something that may feed your curiosity. Let?s get started:

In zone 1 you can access the airport from the city centre in just 11 minutes; what an excellent and affordable choice to utilise, to and from our holiday apartment in downtown Malaga, if you don?t have too much luggage to carry! The “Plaza Mayor” station brings us nothing more and nothing less than one of the best places to shop in Malaga, Plaza Mayor, with the most exclusive shops, restaurants, cinema (with screenings in English), playground, supermarket and even a go-karting track. From this station, you can also access branded stores like Ikea (behind Plaza Mayor), Prenatal, Bahia Azul and Worten at the retail park.


The following station, “Los Alamos” will take you to one of the most frequented beaches by the youths of M?laga… Playa Los Alamos. This extensive beach stretches almost 1,500 metres and includes bars, water activities like kite surfing and in the evenings, good parties!

If you want to enjoy some walking and the beach, you can get off at “Torremolinos”. Torremolinos is an old town known for its beaches, promenade and its historic centre with small shops and cafes. Once in Torremolinos, you can also visit the Crocodrile Park and Aqualand Torremolinos.

If you’re looking for theme parks then “Benalm?dena-Arroyo de la Miel” is definitely your station. Besides being beautiful to walk around and go to the beach, you can access the parks Tivoli Word, Selwo Marina and the Butterfly Park of Benalmadena. Beyond the parks, Benalmadena is an area of tourism, which has many shops, bars and restaurants to keep you entertained.

Finally it is worth mentioning the last stop of the suburban train, “Fuengirola”, where you can spend a full day doing activities. Fuengirola is one of the largest municipalities in M?laga and is popular with tourists and foreign residents. It has 8 km of beaches suitable for visitors and some great gastronomy on offer. From here you can access the popular Biopark Zoo and RENFE offers promotions at the box office to buy your train ticket + entrance to the park together at a discounted price.


Line M?laga Centro – Alora

“Alora” which is the last station on this line (about 40 minutes) is a municipality north of M?laga, mostly known for hosting the famous nature reserve El Chorro and Los Gaitanes, where the adventurous can take on the famous Caminito de Rey, which has just been renovated and will open this spring. The reservoir “La garganta del Chorro” is also perfect for a walk and dip in the water. If you like, the area offers super options to try the local gastronomy (bolos, empanadillas de polvo de batata?) Difficult to explain in English but definitely worth a try. Renfe offers trips back and forth on the same day to El Chorro in high season. Tickets must be purchased at the ticket office in the “Mar?a Zambrano” station.

The “Malaga Centro -Alameda” station is located next to the CAC M?laga, and is the closest station to your holiday apartment in downtown Malaga.

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