What to do on Feria? Activities during Feria de Malaga

If you happen to be in Malaga this weekend or throughout the next week, you’re going to find all malagueños out partying. The local festivity “Feria de Malaga” begin this Friday at midnight with a concert at La Malagueta beach and fireworks. The fiesta will last until the 20th of August.

Therefore, embrace the Feria de Malaga, do as locals and go to the different events and activities… and dance ‘till you drop!

Art shows and exhibits during Feria de Malaga

Firstly, all museums will open during Feria de Malaga. Special exhibits have been inaugurated for the celebration.  Visit them to take a break from the hot August weather.

  • Carmen Thyssen Museum
  • Contemporary Arts Center
  • Pompidou Center
  • Museum Picasso Birth-house
  • Russian Museum
  • Picasso Museum
  • Etc.
Decoration Feria Malaga 1

Paper lanterns decorating streets and squares during Feria de Malaga

Live music and concerts

Especially relevant is mentioning that celebrations in the center occur during the day. Between 13:00 and 18:00 during Feria de Malaga, music bands play live music at the different squares of the center. From flamenco, to blues, to pop, the center fills up with music and dancing. Tents are also set up with food stands, so you can try the most traditional and delicious Andalusian cuisine.

In the evenings, all major concerts take place at the auditorium set up in the Feria venue. It is called Cortijo de Torres and is located on the outskirts of the city. You can access by transit, bus lines are doubled during the festivities. The bus fare from the city center (Alameda Principal) to the venue cost 1,50€. Daytime bus lines are: 4, 19, and bus F runs all night. 

Concerts include:

  • 11 de agosto, viernes: Chambao. La Malagueta Beach (pop)
  • 12 de agosto, sábado: Danza Invisible. (pop)
  • 13 de agosto, domingo: Bertín Osborne. (balads/rancheras)
  • 14 de agosto, lunes: Málaga de Copla: Erika Leiva and Antonio Cortés. (flamenco)
  • 15 de agosto, martes: Café Quijano. (pop)
  • 17 de agosto, viernes: David Bustamante. (pop)
  • 18 de agosto, sábado: Soraya. (pop)
  • 19 de agosto, domingo: Camela. (flamenco)

Malagueta bullring


Parallel to celebrations, there will be bullfights and other bull-related events everyday during Feria de Malaga at the Malagueta bullring. From Saturday 12th to Sunday 20th the bullring will host a variety of bullfights. Most events are already sold out.

For more updated information or to purchase tickets visit: https://www.servitoro.com/en/61-bullfight-tickets-malaga


Make sure you check out our previous post about Feria de Malaga for a more general idea and history of this week-long celebration.

Lastly, we recommend if you are coming with kids, pass by Calle Alcazabilla (side street of Albeniz Cinema). There will be different activities focused on the young ones. Games, storytelling, magic and more to keep them entertained and happy!

Entrance to daytime Feria on Calle Larios

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The Passion of Semana Santa

Brotherhood of the Legionarios

You’ve probably heard or read before about Semana Santa (Easter) in Spain. But most information regarding this traditions focuses on what’s what, the characteristics or features of the processions and so on. I want to tell you about what surprises and fascinates me the most about Semana Santa: the passion locals have for it. 

Most Spaniards consider themselves catholics but don’t go to mass or church, yet when it comes to Semana Santa, they show true devotion to the processions and most have a specific brotherhood they follow or donate to. But let’s start from the beginning.

Preparations come as early as October. If you take a walk out on the streets of Malaga, you may hear the bands rehearsing the music they will play during the processions. The same goes for the tunics the penitents wear, which are tailor-made so that the hoods fit perfectly and hold in place.


Something that always surprises me is that some brotherhoods have waiting lists of years to become a member, so people sign their children up early in life so that one day they may become a penitent or throne bearer of their devoted Christ or Virgin.



Now when the big week finally arrives, people flood the streets to see the processions. Seats especially located on the streets most processions go through are rented  (Marques de Larios, Alameda Principal), so some fortunate ones may comfortably watch every single throne pass by. At a price ranging from 90€ to 150 € per seat for the whole week, some spend a big chunk of money to share that moment with their family.

Seats at calle Larios.


The less wealthier ones take foldable chairs out to the streets hours before the processions pass by, to save a good spot to see their favourite Christ or Virgin. Now when the Virgins’ thrones pass by, you will hear many from the crowd shout out “guapa” which means beautiful. They yell it from the top of their lungs as if they had seen the most beautiful woman… Others may spontaneously sing a “saeta”, usually from a balcony, dedicating with all their heart a religious song to their most devoted Christ or Virgin.

I have see people in tears from the emotion a throne brings up, others desperately pushing people to make their way so they are able to touch a Virgin’s veils.

Semana Santa doesn’t leave anyone indifferent and it’s definitely something worth experiencing at least once in your life.


For more information on Semana Santa visit our previous post.

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