Enjoy Malaga responsibly

Responsible tourism and respecting the place you visit make tourism sustainable and a blessing for us all.

When we travel, especially when visiting for the first time, we look at everything with fresh eyes. Immediately we see things others take for granted, or don?t notice because of the pace of modern life. We notice things like the cleanliness of the streets, if there are signs giving directions, the smell of the air, the way people dress, how they behave in public, etc.

The best fish in Malaga
Sworded sardines by the beach

I?m reminded of when I visited Switzerland. While walking through the center of the city I wondered what was the population, because it felt deserted. No noise or voices could be heard and there were very few people on the street? and this was in the middle of summer! 

In order to keep Malaga beautiful and give the best first impression possible, the city spends a big percentage of its budget in cleaning and maintaining the historical center. However, these efforts fall short if both residents and visitors do not lend a helping hand.

At the beach

We all enjoy going to a clean beach, and making a sandcastle with our children can be a fun experience. When you find a mountain of cigarette butts in the process, the fun ends fast.

Image by PhotoGrafix from Pixabay

The city has placed at Malagueta beach ( and others) rubbish containers and recycling bins. Now we can dispose of our residues when we leave. Big applause for the city that is bringing options for recycling to more and more places!

For those who live or stay in the historical center, a major concern is noise levels. By having most streets pedestrian, traffic noise has been subtracted from the equation. However, the numerous caf?s, bars, and nightclubs bring a different issue to the table.

Noise in the city

Most nightclubs are soundproofed, therefore loud music does not tend to be an issue. Nevertheless, shouting, singing and loud conversations on caf? terraces and patios can make sleeping in the historical center a difficult task. Fortunately for us, Solaga properties have double glazed windows that do a good job on keeping city noise outside. For residents, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Those who don?t have air conditioning and have to sleep with the windows open, have a very difficult time trying to get a good night?s sleep.

I will never forget one summer vacation with my family in Sevilla. Our holiday apartment didn?t have air conditioning and we had to sleep with the windows open. Every time someone walked on our street we would wake up. The sound of luggage being dragged by people coming or going, conversations, arguments, singing and everything else you could imagine, echoed on our street and made us feel like they were right in our living room.

We are all locals and tourists at some point, and keeping in mind that the things we do and the way we behave affects those around us, makes a big difference.

Us malague?os want you, beloved visitor; to get the best impression of our city. We will keep on demanding our politicians to improve the services and infrastructure of our city and we will take care of our gardens, beaches, streets and parks. 


In return, we appreciate that you take care of it as if it were your own and try to remember to enjoy Malaga responsibly for your benefit and ours.

We hope you enjoy your stay and come back over and over again!