Emergency services in Málaga

This post is dedicated mainly to foreign tourists, who do not speak much or any Spanish and have limited access to information about what to do or where to turn in case of an emergency while on holiday in Malaga.

We’ve all experienced problems of some sort while on holiday abroad; upset stomach, allergies, lost documents, had our property stolen, among other things.

Here we’ll show you where to turn and what to do in the unlikely event of something happening?during your holiday in Malaga.

Doctor in Malaga:

If you’re sick or you have suffered an accident you should see a doctor in Malaga. The quality of health care in Spain, both public and private is exceptional.

To see a doctor in an emergency there are two options:

Public hospital: Anyone can be seen, 24 hours a day, for an emergency at a hospital in Malaga and it doesn?t cost anything. You must bring your ID / passport with you. You must take into account that the waiting time for treatment depends on the severity of your condition; you may need to wait up to 2 – 3 hours. Another important thing I would recommend for those who do not speak Spanish (there are very few English speaking doctors in Malaga), is to write on a piece of paper the Spanish translation of what you want to tell the doctor.

  • Hospital Regional Univesitario (Also known as Carlos Haya Hospital) is the largest and best equipped in Malaga. It has 24h emergency services. It is about 3km from the historic center (about 15 min by car or taxi).

* Address: Avenida Carlos Haya, Malaga, 29010, Malaga
* Tell: (+34) 951 290 000

Private Clinics: Private clinics also have emergency services and possibly you will be seen faster. The difference is that you pay to see a doctor and for the costs of the medicine. If you have international health insurance, or do not mind paying, this is definitely the best option because you’ll wait less time and your doctor’s visit will be a little more personalized. As for the language, unfortunately mainly Spanish is spoken again, so it is advisable to take note, in Spanish, of what you want to say.

  • Hospital Dr. G?lvez: we recommend this private hospital primarily for its location. It is in the historic center, next to the Cathedral, so if you are staying in any of our holiday apartments downtown, you can walk here easily. It has 24h emergency services. And the website is also in English.

* Address: Calle San Agustin 1, 29015, M?laga
* Tell: (+34) 951 290 000

  • Hospital Quir?n: This private hospital is ready to receive international patients. Their website provides information in English and most of the staff can assist you in English. It is a little further from the center so you have to go by car or taxi. It has 24h emergency services.

* Address: Avenida Imperio Argentina, 1. 29004 M?laga
* Tell: (+34) 902 448 855


Emergency dentist Malaga:

It won?t be the first time we have called to arrange a dental appointment for one of our guests who has requested and English Dentist in Malaga. This is actually more common than you think. There are many dental clinics in Malaga and many of them speak English. The service is usually very quick. Please call before going.

Crooke & Laguna: This clinic caters especially to foreigners as they speak multiple languages. They can be found just next to the Port of Malaga.

* Address: Paseo de la Farola 1, 1? dcha. 29016 M?laga
* Tell (+34) 952 229 192

Gross Dentists: They cater to all types of emergencies and are in the center of Malaga.

* Address: Paseo de Reding, 9, 5?, 29016 M?laga
* Tel: (+34) 649 965 932

Having you bag stolen:

Being a victim of theft in Malaga is very rare, however, when a phone or bag are left neglected in a bar they have been known to disappear. We recommend always keeping your valuables in sight when you go to eat or drink. In any case, if you are either robbed or have lost a personal item of value, you can contact the local police in Malaga (number below) who will do their best to help you. Again, the language may be a limitation, so we recommend translating what you want to say to help yourself explain what happened. With the police report?you can then renew the lost documents more easily, and if something is returned, you’ll get it back. If you have ever lost your wallet, you won?t forget easily losing your credit cards!

Important phrases to remember:

? I need an ambulance: Necesito una ambulancia
? Take me to the nearest hospital (to the taxi driver): Ll?veme al hospital mas cercano.
? I?d like to report a crime: Quiero hacer una denuncia. / Quiero denunciar un crimen.
? My bag was stolen: Me han robado el bolso.
? My house is burning down: Mi casa est? ardiendo.
? I live at?: Vivo en?
? Help! (emergency): Socorro / Ayuda.

Emergency Numbers in Malaga:

General Emergency – 112
Ambulance – 061 or 112
Fire Brigade – 080
Local Police – 092
National Police – 091
Police Malaga – (+34) 952 046 200
Tourist Information Office – 010 or (+34) 952 122 020
Immigration Office – (+34) 900 150 000


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