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Does your Andalusian holiday home have the permits?

The first thing an inspector will see when inspecting a holiday home in Andalucia is your Licencia de Primera Ocupacion. And let me say straight away that it is not your tourist license issued by the Junta de Andalucia. Quite mistakenly, many believe that it is together, but it is not in any way.

So read along here and I will explain to you what the difference is and how you can get your papers in order and rent out your holiday apartment in Malaga with a clear conscience and above all not get a big fine from the Junta de Andalucia.

If you are already renting your holiday home now, you should have applied for and received a tourist license from the Junta de Andalucia. It looks like (and if you haven’t received it, then you have a problem, but we’ll take it in another blog post) and on page 2 there is “Copia de la Licencia de Ocupacion” or better known as Licencia de Primera Ocupacion .

La Licencia de Primera Ocupacion is issued by the municipality (Ayuntamiento) and not by La Junta de Andalucia. In short, it is an approval that your accommodation is in a safe condition to rent to your guests. All newly built homes have this license and you cannot, for example, request light or water without this license / license.

All homes built after 1992 should have this license (there are still exceptions) and if you do not already have it, you can request it at the municipality and in some cases your administration can have it. Note that we live in an apartment complex, so it is a Licencia de Primera Ocupacion for the whole building and not per. apartment.

If neither your administrator nor the municipality has it, then you must have made a new one. This can be done by hiring a technical architect. He visits and targets all rooms and checks the installations. His work itself is not that complicated. It will only be complicated when it comes to the municipal administration and it may take up to 6 months before you have the final Licencia de Primera Ocupacion.

Depending on which architect you use, the price can vary from 500 – 1000 ?. So spend some time finding the right one, as you can save a lot of money. However, a price that is the same in all places is the tax you have to pay to the municipality to get Licencia de Primera Ocupacion and it is 120 ?.

Please note that if you have hired an architect, started the process and paid the tax of 120 ?, but have not yet received the completed Licencia de Primera Ocupacion, then the Junta de Andalucia inspector will still approve your holiday home and no fine will be issued.

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