Circus Spaghetteria in Malaga, for pasta lovers

Imagine a huge plate full of tasty pasta with tons of gratin cheese. It might sound like an exaggeration but I assure you that one thing is true: if you are going to Circus Spaghetteria you have to be hungry for pasta. Circus is a restaurant based in the city centre of Malaga, specialized in pasta, or more specifically, in spaghetti and macaroni. As soon as you walk in you will feel like you are in a fantasy world, with a wooden spiral staircase and a huge statue of a clown welcoming you. The place is carefully decorated with different kinds, colours, sizes and styles of clowns. Paintings of clowns, statues of clowns, posters of clowns, clowns hanging from the ceiling… I have to confess that I’m not a fan of clowns, but this place really knows how to deal with them. The reason for the Circus theme for a pasta restaurant? Well the owner just had quite a few clowns at home so decided to start decorating the restaurant with them. The place definitely has a unique style with tons of colourful details that will keep you entertained while you are enjoying your meal.


Now, let’s focus on the food. Circus offers 23 different types of pasta dishes and 21 more with gratin parmesan cheese on top. Esther Martin, the lady in charge on the day of our visit, recommended these options to us: As a starter a Circus Salad that comes with fruits and seafood, as a main “Pasta carbonara gratinada” (Carbonara pasta with gratin cheese) or the “pasta Bolognese gratinada” (Bolognese pasta with gratin cheese) and as a dessert their Tiramisu. I have to say that the Carbonara pasta with gratin cheese is just amazing. If you need gluten-free pasta, ask them, they also can make it for you.


The portions are quite big and for me, hard to finish it all, therefore I would recommend sharing. For example if there are 3 of you, you could share two plates of pasta and a starter. Then, of course, don’t miss that recommended Tiramisu.

The prices at Circus are really affordable bearing in mind the portions. A pasta dish costs between 6? and 10?, depending on your preferences. The salad and starters are between 7? and 9?. And if you don’t feel like pasta, there are a few meat options (entrecote or sirloin steak) for around 16?.

Circus Spaghetteria is on Paseo de Reding 41, 29016, Malaga.
Phone: (+34) 952 22 00 85
It is recommended that you book in advance if you are going at the weekend.


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