The 6 best views in Malaga city you can’t miss out (viewpoints and rooftops)

A lot of our guests ask us regularly which are the best views in Malaga city to see the city in all its splendor.

I strongly believe that you haven’t discovered a city properly unless you see it from high above. It’s the perfect way to realize the dimensions of the city and its magnitude. Moreover, you have the possibility to watch all the neighborhoods altogether while you breath fresh air and look at the sunset. 

Down below, you will find what I consider the 6 most important views in Malaga to discover this Mediterranean city. 

1. Mirador de Gibralfaro (Gibralfaro viewpoint)

Gibralfaro hill malaga

This is the most important viewpoint of the city. It’s located in Gibralfaro hill and it offers a splendid view of Malaga bullring, Paseo del Parque Avenue, and all of Muelle Uno (Malaga’s main pier). 

This 130 meters high viewpoint is surrounded by nature and it’s very close to Malaga center. 

To arrive there, you can either take a bus or go on foot. It takes about 25 mins walking. The effort will be worth it as you will enjoy spectacular views of the port of Malaga. 

This Malaga viewpoint is completely free. 

Tip: wear comfy shoes (try to avoid flip flops as the floor has irregularities) 

2. The rooftop of Malaga Cathedral

Malaga cathedral

You have the possibility to come into Malaga Cathedral decks and enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of Malaga city center. 

Also, you can also visit this rooftop at night, where you will see all Malaga lights and shadows. 

  • General cathedral roof ticket: 6,00€
  • Cathedral + Cathedral’s roof: 10,00€
  • Night visit to Cathedral´s roof: 10,00€

3. Chinitas Urban Hostel Terrace

Chinitas urban hostel terrace

Chinitas hostel is located just right to Plaza de la Constitución. It’s a hidden place in the center. The hostel, which is a small building in Pasaje Chinitas, 3 has a spectacular view of the Cathedral. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a warm evening as they have a wide range of cocktails and drinks. 

In addition, it has a young atmosphere and you don’t have to pay anything to come in (just a drink on the terrace bar)

4. Gibralfaro castle viewpoint (Mirador del Castillo de Gibralfaro)

Gibralfaro castle

This could be a bit confusing as the name of this viewpoint it’s very similar to the first one I mentioned (Mirador de Gibralfaro). They have one thing in common: both of them are located in Gibralfaro hill. 

Going up the slope of Gibralfaro Hill you will find the Gibralfaro viewpoint and if you continue going up, you will reach the Gibralfaro castle.

This viewpoint is free too.

5. Hotel Alcazaba Premium’s chill-out rooftop bar

This hotel has an incredible view of Alcazaba castle from its terrace. It’s the ideal place for those who want to enjoy Malaga views in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The terrace offers a chill-out area and a restaurant area (Batik restaurant), so no matter if you just want to drink something or eat, this is your spot! 

The entrance is free but you have to drink something on the terrace bar! 

6. Victoria Hill (Monte Victoria)

Malaga Andalusia Spain

To arrive at this viewpoint, I recommend you to go up from El Limonar neighborhood and you can go both by car or by foot. 

Victoria hill has an incredible view of Malaga city and the sunset is beautiful! 

It’s the perfect plan if you want to enjoy nature, as you can do a trekking excursion to arrive there and admire Malaga vegetation and weather. 

Which is your favorite Malaga viewpoint of all of them?

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