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Best local tapas bars in Malaga city

Where to eat in M?laga? by locals!

All the clients that we receive at Solaga Holiday Apartments ask us the same question “where can we eat good, local tapas”? Those who visit the city and want to try the local cuisine and of course at the best price and the best quality. And who are the best people to answer this type of question?

With the need to be objective, Solaga team has surveyed, between family and friends, 100 local people living and working in M?laga.

Here is our list of 15 of the best tapas bars and restaurants that have been recommended, in order of popularity. Each offers a different style and atmosphere, some are perfect for a quiet dinner, others for tapas and beers with friends.

1 – The Refectorium: M?laga already has three Refectorium restaurants, “Refectorium Cathedral” in the historical centre, “Refectorium Malagueta” in Malagueta and “Refectorium Belfry” in Cerrado de Calder?n. This modern and stylish restaurant specializes in Iberian meats, seasonal vegetables, fresh seafood, exquisite meet from Oviedo and Russian salad “potato salad”. They also have one of the most extensive wine cellars in the world and are known for the excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Address: “Refectorium Cathedral”, C / Postigo de los Abades, 4, 29015 M?laga.


2 – Tapeo de Cervantes: As its name implies, this tiny restaurant specializes in tapas. It noted that despite being recommended by locals, is also very popular among tourists, for one simple reason: it has been listed as number 1 in Malaga according to the website (currently it is the 6th). It is a small place decorated in a Spanish style, so booking in advance is recommended. Its specialty is traditional tapas, such as “ham and Manchego cheese”, “tortilla chips” or “chicken croquetas”. If you want a slightly more elaborate meal we recommend their sister restaurant “El Mes?n de Cervantes” just around the corner in Calle Alamos.?More information here.

Address: Calle de Carcer, 8, 29012 M?laga


3 – La Reserva?12: This restaurant has an excellent location in the city centre and a perfect terrace to enjoy the view of one of the busiest areas of the city. La Reserva 12 specializes in typical Andalusian cuisine, excellent service and professional waiters. Fish and seafood are very present on the menu, perfect accompanied by a good white wine from its cellar. You must try the Russian salad “potato salad”!

Address: Calle Bolsa, 12, 29015 M?laga

lareserva12 (1)

4 – Matahambre Malaga Centre: This restaurant is a franchise, M?laga alone has 9 restaurants. Matahambre is not about gourmet cuisine, but a great atmosphere, quick service and good food and at affordable prices. It is popular amongst young people and almost always full, so it is advisable to book in advance at weekends. Portions are quite generous, so take it into account before ordering.?More information here.

Address: Calle Granada, 7, 29008 M?laga


5 – Cortijo de Pepe: very close to the famous Plaza de la Merced is this little bar which only consists of a large bar and stools to sit on; so most people will take a few beers and tapas. The restaurant has a few tables outside on the terrace for those who prefer to be more comfortable, also upstairs there are plenty of tables to dinner. Its decor is of a typical Spanish tavern and the tapas is typical Andalusian cuisine. The octopus salad is delicious!

Address: Plaza Merced, 2, 29012 M?laga


6 – Mes?n de Cervantes: of the same owners of “Tapeo de Cervantes” and with the same excellent quality in food, I would say the only difference would be that the dishes are a bit more elaborate as is the menu and the space is defined for dinner or lunch quietly at a table with a more personalised service.

Address: Calle Alamos, 11, 29012 M?laga.


7 – Bar La Tranca: If you go to La Tranca You should be prepared for a little action. La Tranca is a small bar that faces the street, with a few high tables, music, friendly bartenders and a great atmosphere. Be prepared to stand and talk to everyone! Lots of people visiting La Tranca do it regularly, thus it is known and the atmosphere is very close and friendly. The “Tostas” (small toasted bread tapas) are great and perfect to accompany sweet M?laga wine.

Address: Calle Carreter?a, 93, 29008 M?laga


8 – Las Merchanas: The theme of this bar is based on Holy Week in M?laga, so do not be alarmed to see the walls from top to bottom covered in religious images, saints and crosses everywhere. It certainly is a peculiar yet very popular restaurant with locals during these celebrations. The tapas are fairly basic and classic, but at an excellent price. Croquettes and sandwiches, are certainly among the most requested tapas. Find more information here.

Address: 29008, Calle?Mosquera, 5, 29008 M?laga


9 – Oleo: Perfect for lovers of fine gourmet cuisine, Oleo?offers a Mediterranean fusion and sushi (it is said to be the best and freshest of M?laga). It is located at the gates of CAC M?laga Museum, and has a modern and simple decoration. Despite having a large terrace and an inner zone, usually it is booked every day, so take your time to book before you go. The service is professional and customized, small portions but incredibly delicious. Their specialty is the special sushi of the day, with spicy patatas bravas and niguiris foam.?Find more information here.

Address: Calle Alemania, 0, 29001 M?laga


10 – Pez Tomillo: It is located on the beach of Pedregalejo, about 3km from the center of M?laga. It’s perfect for a lunch or dinner overlooking the sea. They specialise in modern style course tapas. The quality and price is very reasonable and there are options for all budgets. It has two floors, upstairs is perfect to get a better view of the sea. The dumplins with chilli are to die for!

Address: Paseo Maritimo El Pedregal, 1, 29017 M?laga


11 – Casa Lola:?Casa Lola is one of those “unique” locations in central M?laga. It is decorated in a typical Spanish style “vintage” and almost always crowded. It offers simple tapas and sandwiches or Spanish classics like omelettes and croquettes. The price is quite favorable and is ideal to go with a group of friends.

Address: 29015, Street Granada, 46, 29015 M?laga.

12 – Montana Restaurant: It is a short distance from the Plaza de la Merced. Is a large modern restaurant 5 star cuisine, consisting with several rooms and a spacious plant covered terrac. Perfect for a family or romantic evening. It is very popular with locals for private events for large groups. More information here.

Address: Calle del Compass Victoria, 5, 29012 M?laga.


13 – El Gorki: This restaurant has been around since 1992 as a house wine and over time it has become a benchmark of Malaga cuisine, mixing traditional recipes with innovation. Cr?pes and savoury breads are part of their specialty. The portions are small but exquisite!

Address: Centre: C / Strachan 6 29015 Malaga / Pier One: CC. Whether shopping, Pier 1, Port of M?laga



14 – KGB:??The chef Kisko Garcia, was awarded a Michelin star. KGB offers a modern and creative cuisine that explores different flavours of Spanish and international cuisine. The names of the dishes are quite unique and have very little to do with food presented, so do not hesitate to ask questions before ordering. KGB is quite popular, among other things for its burgers.

Address: Calle Fresca, 12, 29015 M?laga


15 ? Bar Jam?n: A small modern tapas bar, open since 1970. It offers classic tapas and salad, Spanish omelette or croquettes, perfect to be accompanied by a beer or glass of wine. The Pollo al curry is worth a taste!

Address: Calle Carreter?a, 87, 29008 M?laga


Now you just need the time to try each one and give us your opinion!

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