Tapas in Malaga: order like a pro!

When you go out for tapas in Malaga, how do you know what everything is? How can you order when you don’t know what the names are? We want you to order like a pro by knowing the most traditional tapas in Malaga.  Continue Reading →

Summer in Malaga: beaches, mountains and a lot more

Poza de los Huevos in Mijas is perfect for a fresh water swimNow that the heat starts and everyone is thinking about the upcoming summer and going to the beach, we thought to give you a few ideas of activities to do during the summer in Malaga to combat the heat and avoid the crowds.

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The best fish in Malaga

If you want to taste the best fish in Malaga, you don’t have to spend much in fancy restaurants. We’ll show you how the locals do it to get the best fish and enjoy nice views in the process.

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How to get from Malaga airport to the city centre?

You may not know it if you’re coming to Malaga for the first time, but there are different transit options to go from the airport to the city centre. Some are faster, some cheaper and some more exclusive. We thought it might be interesting to give you a rundown of all transit options available, so you can plan ahead and save time… and money!

The good thing is having options to choose from depending on your circumstances.

Please bear in mind that prices may change from the moment this post is made until the day you read it, so double check before.


The most known and common way to get from Malaga airport to your holiday apartment. Convenient when you arrive late, have a lot of luggage or travel with kids. It is also good when you don’t know the city, as public transportation doesn’t get to the historical centre and you need to walk to the apartment. Prices will depend on time of day and final destination, but generally the regular fare to the city centre (see taximeter) should be around 25€.

Private chauffeur

Malaga private driver

Cabify works in Malaga, so if you have an account, you can book a private driver to pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the doorstep of your apartment.

At Solaga, we offer a private airport transfer service with a reliable, long time professional collaborator called Paco Robles. He will take you to the apartment and even make a quick stop for essential groceries if you arrive late. You can read more about this service HERE.


Train station at Malaga airport


There is a train station in front of terminal 3 (T3) as you exit the arrivals gate. Train line C1 will take you from Malaga airport to the city centre (stop Centro-Alameda station). The fare is 1,80€ for a one-way trip. Trains depart every 20 minutes from 06:30 to 00:30 and take 12 minutes to arrive to the city centre.


Malaga airport bus

The bus line A will take you from Malaga airport to the city centre for 3,00 €. The ride takes around 40 minutes and buses depart every 25-30 minutes. It is a great idea to see more of the city when going to your final destination. The bus stops at Alameda principal and Paseo del Parque, both streets are a short walk away from most of our apartments. When you arrive, follow the signs to find the bus stop. It is located right in front of the arrivals terminals, past the stairs to the parking and upper levels.

Malaga airport map

Ideas for original souvenirs from Malaga

What are good souvenirs from Malaga? Where is a good place to get them? If you’ve ever had difficulties finding the right gifts for your loved ones, I have a few suggestions you might like. Continue Reading →

Learn some history and work your appetite at Atarazanas (Market Hall)

The Malaga Atarazanas (Market Hall) is located in an old shipyard dating back to the 14th Century. It was built in Moorish Nasrid times, and construction began in 1354. The building itself is a great visit because of its history and architecture. The stalls inside, will make your mouth water… guaranteed! Continue Reading →

How to make (the perfect) Sangria

How to make (the perfect) Sangria

Many of you may not know this, but sangria is not a very popular drink in Spain. It is a staple drink that has been relegated to the past, and in current times not too many people have it. It’s one of those drinks that was present in all family gatherings when we were kids, but now is only ordered by tourists visiting Spain and wanting to get the “authentic” experience.

Now, many young chefs and cocktail gurus are trying to bring back sangria and are re-inventing the drink in order to make it appealing for younger generations.

We present you here with 2 sangria recipes to make at home and earn bragging rights. First, the recipe for a perfect traditional sangria, and a more modern one with a twist. So make them both and decide for yourself which one’s better. You can even change it up a bit, to make it more to your taste. The important thing is to keep the tradition alive and have fun in the process. 😉

(The perfect) Sangria

Red wine

Use only a good quality young wine like tempranillo or crianza

When making sangria – as with recipes for almost everything else – try  to use the best possible ingredients. Don’t use cheap red wine or canned fruit, or you’ll end up with a terrible, ready-made-flavoured sangria. The wine should be a young wine, like tempranillo or crianza, to avoid the astringence that older wines have.

It’s also very important to leave your wine resting with the fruit for plenty of time, so flavors develop properly. If you don’t wait long enough, you’ll end up with fruit that tastes like wine and not the other way around, which is the ultimate goal when sangria making.

Oranges for sangria

Oranges will make your sangria delicious and are a great garnish

Original Sangria Recipe


1 litre good quality red wine (rioja works well)

330 ml of gaseosa sweet sparkling water (may substitute with Sprite)

100 ml of Cointreau or Triple Sec

1 peach

1 apricot

1 nectarine

2 lemons (the juice)

1 orange (for garnish)

2 tbsp of sugar

Lots of ice



First start by peeling all the fruit except for the nectarines and dice it. Mix in a pitcher with the wine, sugar, lemon juice and liqueur. Let it rest for a couple of hours in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. Add the gaseosa or sprite, the ice and a few slices of orange and serve.

Plenty ice is needed for sangria

Plenty of ice is needed for a great sangria

Sangria with a twist


1 ½ litres red wine

1 lemon (cut in half and sliced)

180 grs frozen strawberries

4 oranges

2 cinnamon sticks

70 gr sugar

2 branches of fresh rosemary




Frist, place in a plastic container the frozen strawberries and sprinkle the sugar on top. Then, pour in the juice of 3 oranges, it should almost completely cover the strawberries. If it doesn’t, add water to complete. The sweet strawberry-infused water is going to add that extra flavour to our sangria. Cut the remaining orange in slices and put on top of the strawberries, add 2 crushed cinnamon sticks, the rosemary and cover. Let sit for 3 to 4 hours, until the strawberries have completely thawed and flavors marinated well.
Then, strain the liquid in a pitcher, add the slices of pitted lemon, the wine and lots of crushed ice. Serve and enjoy!

More things to do in Malaga with kids

Coming to Malaga with the family?

A while back we posted an article about 10 things to do in Malaga with kids, and given that it is so popular, we decided to give you more ideas of fun activities in Malaga for families so everyone can enjoy their visit in our wonderful city.

Now keep in mind that not all of these places are in Malaga city, but they are in the metro area, therefore in a short train or bus ride, you can easily get there. For Benalmadena in particular we’re recommending 4 places to see, so save a few days of your visit for this town, as there is plenty to do with the kids.

So grab pen and paper and prepare to plan a fun holiday!

Castillo de Colomares – Benalmadena

Photo source www.elboqueronviajero.com

This castle is something that both kids and adults will enjoy alike. Better described as a monument, it was built in honor of Christopher Columbus by a U.S. medical doctor and local builders in a period of seven years. The monument has the shape of a boat, and because it is on a hill, you get incredible views of the sea. A great visit for families, it is the perfect place to play pirates…Arrgh!

Price: free

Jardín de las Águilas (Garden of the eagles) – Benalmadena

Photo source telefericobenalmadena.com

Close to the Castillo, you will find the Garden of the Eagles. This is another fun activity in Malaga for families. It is a center dedicated to protecting and raising over 160 different types of bird of prey. If you happen to visit at a moment when they have chicks, they will even let you hold them… and we know kids love that! They have daily shows (at 13:00 and 17:00) in different languages where you can see eagles and condors fly.

Price: adults 6€, children 5€ (included with cable car ticket)

Mariposario (Butterfly park) – Benalmadena

Photo source www.mariposariodebenalmadena.com

Another family-friendly visit in Benalmadena is the butterfly park. With more than 1.500 species of butterflies, it is located in a Thai-style temple. The whole experience and environment in a tropical garden and butterflies flying freely around you is fantastic. You may want to bring a bottle of water since it is very warm and humid. Make sure your kids witness how butterflies hatch from the chrysalis and spread their wings in the nursery.

Price: adults 10€, children 7,50€ (discounts if you buy them online)

Benalmadena Cable Car

Photo source telefericobenalmadena.com

If you want to see the best views in Costa del Sol, then you definitely have to ride the Benalmadena cable car. This is something everyone in the family will enjoy. Not only is the ride comfortable and with great views, but once at the top, you can choose a lot of activities to do. See the birds of prey show, have a light meal or drink at the cafeterias or go on hiking paths with the mediterranean as backdrop. Make sure to bring a hat and sunblock, especially during the hot summer days.

Price: adults 12,50€, children 10€ (prices in ticket office may be higher)

Aqualand – Torremolinos

Photo source www.aqualand.es

The ultimate activity in Malaga for families is a theme park. You will have a hard time not coming back to this water park in neighboring town of Torremolinos. Slides, swimming pools of all sizes, floats, half pipes. What can we say? Family fun all ’round! It’s a water park, so fun is guaranteed!

Prices vary depending on ages/groups and if bought at ticket offices or online, so check their website.

Adventure Golf – Fuengirola

Photo source www.fuengirolaadventuregolf.com

You know what they say: Costa del Sol, costa del golf. How about miniature golf for the whole family? That’s what you’ll find at Adventure golf in Fuengirola. A cool activity in Malaga for families is taking on the 19-hole course. The setting includes water fountainsa and streams. If you don’t feel like playing golf – or finished before the rest of your party- you can play pool or relax with a cold beverage in the bar.

Water sports/Parasailing – Fuengirola

Located in the marina of Fuengirola you will find Pirate parasailing, a British-run company specialized in watersports. Go for a fun parasailing ride with your children, inflatable banana, jet skiing, tubing, and much more.

Price: 40€ and up depending on ride

Underground Caves – Nerja

Photo source www.cuevadenerja.es

57 kms away from Malaga in the town of Nerja you will find the entrance to the underground caves. This huge group of caves are almost 5 kms long altogether. There, you will find the world’s biggest stalagmite, which measures 32 meters high. The cave’s galleries are so big, that symphonic orchestras sometimes have concerts there. There are smaller galleries (halls) with prehistoric paintings. Access to these halls is limited, so if you want to see them, it might be good to check their website first.

Price: adults 10€, children 6€ (under 6 years old, free)

Catamaran ride (Muelle Uno)

Photo source www.mundomarino.es

In the main harbor of Malaga (Muelle Uno) you can hire catamaran and other sail ship rides; catamaran being the easiest on your stomach! You can choose between sailing at sunset, a 1 ½ hour ride with a stop for a swim in the sea, or having a barbecue on board. Check for times and availability through their site or stop by the day before.

Price: adults 12€, children 8€

Parque de la Paloma – Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena

Photo source www.andalucia.org

Parque de la Paloma is the main park in Benalmadena, with over 200.000 square meters it hosts two playground areas for children, an artificial pond, bike/running trails, animals, etc. Perfect for a picnic, playing frisbee or football with the kids or just hang out. You can take the train from Malaga to Arroyo de la Miel, and from there a short 15 minute walk to the park.

Price: free

So there you are, ten great ideas of fun activities in Malaga for families, now all you have to do is which one to do first. You can visit our previous post 10 things to do in Malaga with Kids, for even more things to do. Of course, you can always head to the beach with a bucket and make sand castles with your children, but we thought you might want to spice it up a bit.

See you in Malaga!

Vegetarian restaurants in Malaga

In these vegetarian restaurants from Malaga you will find from fruit smoothies, to Arabic desserts, to adaptations of typical Spanish dishes. All in convenient locations close to the city center and with a great atmosphere.

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Malaga’s Best Flamenco Shows

You want to see a flamenco show while in Malaga, but have no idea where to catch one? Not to worry, at Solaga we’ve made a list of the best, so you don’t end up in a second-rate or overpriced tourist show.

So you’ve come to southern Spain. You have some expectations that you want to be met: eat tapas, enjoy the sun and the beaches, eat jamón and cured cheese, visit a few museums and perhaps see a flamenco show (with dinner if possible).

We’ve prepared a list of the best Tablaos Flamencos (flamenco shows) in the city. Some include dinner, some cocktails, some tapas; but all are genuine flamenco shows with live music, not  your typical-prepackaged-mediocre tourist attractions.

Tablao Los Amaya. http://www.flamencomalagacentro.com/

Flamenco show on stage at Los Amayas

Flamenco dancer at Los Amayas

Located in El Liceo discoteque on calle Beatas, it is run by a family from Granada with decades in flamenco show business. They do pure flamenco on a small stage with colored lights, for an intimate, cozy atmosphere.

Where: Calle Beatas, 21

When: Every day from 19:00 to 21:00

Price: 25€ (includes cocktail)

Flamenco El Soho. http://flamencoelsoho.com/

Flamenco show and dinner at Soho

Flamenco show and dinner at Soho

This venue is in a typical Andalusian patio, with geraniums hanging from the walls and paper lamps on the ceiling. It is run by a well-known dancer or bailaora from Malaga, Marina Aranda, and has great artists performing in the show. This is the closest you will find to dinner + show, as they serve a platter with jamon, cheese and other cured meats, plus a cocktail with the tickets.

Where: Calle Vendeja, 30

When: Thursdays to Sundays at 20:30

Price: 27€ (with cocktail) 30€ (cocktail and jamón and cheese tapas). Reduced prices for children.

Kalipé Flamenco Art Centre. http://www.kelipe.net/

Flamenco dancer on center stage at Kelipé.

Flamenco dancer on center stage at Kelipé.

Art school by day, flamenco show by night. It is raw and authentic, where artists improvise what music inspires in the moment to keep it “real”. It is a small venue for 70 people, so it’s good to get there early or book ahead.

Where: Calle Muro de Puerta Nueva, 10

When: Thursday to Saturday at 21:00

Price: 24€ (includes 2 drinks)

Juan Breva Flamenco Museum. http://www.museoflamencojuanbreva.com/

Pure art at the Flamenco Museum Juan Cueva.

Pure art at the Flamenco Museum Juan Cueva.

Typical flamenco tavern, go down the stairs to get to the small intimate tablao. It is a museum as well, therefore, the decorations are important staples of flamenco art and artists. The first Friday of every month, they change the show to Saturday and hold a dinner + show called Berza Flamenca. Here you will find mostly flamenco live music, it is more a recital than a dance show. Ideal for flamenco enthusiasts.

Where: Calle Ramón Franquelo, 4

When: Tuesdays at 21:00 and Fridays at 22:30 (except first of the month)

Price: Free