Astrid Tapas, the first organic restaurant in Malaga City

Eating healthy (and tasty) food is always a good choice. This picturesque place opened its doors a few weeks ago, right in the historic city centre. I have to pass by every day on my way home, so I have noticed that since the first day, it’s been a “full house” with hungry (and some just curious) customers. Although in some countries this, let?s say, “foodie trend” of organic food has being going for quite some years, in Spain it is just gaining popularity. Every day the number of people who really care about the quality of what they eat is increasing. Maybe the world is finally realizing how many chemicals are used nowadays in most food industries.

Then Astrid Tapas, the first organic restaurant in Malaga, decided to start this “foodie trend” in the city centre, based on healthy, organic food and we decided to pay them a visit and have a bite of it!


Firstly it is worth mentioning that although they serve food, tapas and desserts like a normal restaurant, they don’t want to be called a fancy restaurant, they prefer to be referred to as just a place you can sit down and have some simple, homemade, fresh market food with some Asian and American influences.

The decor is both stylish and fresh. The menu may vary sometimes, depending on what is found fresh at the market, but includes meat, fish, lots of vegetables and salads. The recommendation of the house given by the chef:

– Quesadilla Vegetariana (veggie quesadilla)
– Bulgogi de Ternera (grilled and marinated beef)
– Ensalada de Temporada (seasonal salad of local beet and potatoes)
– Pisto (typical Spanish dish made of small pieces of tomato, onion, eggplant or courgette, green and red pepper and olive oil)


I tried the chicken salad with “soyonesa” (a blend of mayonnaise and soy) and the dessert of the day, made with white chocolate, and they were just great. As a tip, look at the little handwritten sheet on the menu and go for something off that too; it changes depending on the day and what is found fresh at the market. I may have to mention too that the portions are just for one person, so if you are sharing, better to ask for two of them. Prices? I would say that you could have a full lunch, with dessert and drinks for between 10? and 15? per person.

The staff speaks Spanish, English, Italian and German and they don’t accept bookings, but if you want you can just call before you go and ask about availability.

Historic city centre: Calle Calder?n de La Barca 6, 29005. Malaga.
Phone: +34 952220350
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