Malaga Cathedral visiting tips

If you want to visit the Cathedral of Malaga, we have a few tips to make it extra special. For more information on the building itself and its history, read our previous posts “La Manquita” or “Trump tower in Malaga“.

One of the most important landmarks in Malaga is without a doubt the cathedral. The biggest building in the historical center, tall, old, beautiful and… unfinished. It is certainly different from other religious buildings in Spain.

To visit the Cathedral you have to buy the tickets either at the cathedral itself, or at the Episcopal Building located in front of the cathedral. You can buy tickets for the cathedral only (5 ?) to the cathedral rooftop (6 ?) or combined: cathedral+rooftop+Episcopal Palace for 10 ? (recommended).

Fancy a different view of Malaga?

One of our city’s latest attraction gives us the opportunity to look at the city from 50 meters above sea level, more precisely from the recently-completed terraces of the cathedral’s roof. Enjoy it to the fullest and make the most out of your visit.

Malaga Cathedral visiting tips:

  • Tip number one: Leave baby strollers in your holiday apartment as you cannot take it up with you.
  • Tip number two: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The climbs is a bit over 200 steps.
  • Tip number three: To get better pictures, it’s best to visit in the morning when the sun is on the east.
  • Tip number four: Tripods and other bulgy equipment is not permitted as parts of the stairs are narrow.
The stairs have handrails, so there is a bit of safety during your climb. The first stop gives you time to get your pulse back to normal while you enjoy a breathtaking view of the Plaza de los Naranjos. From there you are in a privileged position to take in the main nave of the cathedral, and appreciate Baroque and Renaissance architecture. You can take a peak on the inside of the cathedral and see a different angle of the glass windows.
Take a peak into the main nave of the cathedral
The route continues nest to the rooftop, where you can walk around the full perimeter of the cathedral. To the north you can see the the terra cotta shingles of the houses. At the distance you’ll see the mountains that surround and protect the city. Get an intimate view of the north tower and go on to the never-finished south tower ( full story here). Then at the east, enjoy the privileged view of the harbor Muelle Uno and the sea.
Plaza del Obispo in front of the Cathedral viewed from the rooftop


Lastly, remember to take your sunglasses with you. with the fantastic weather we usually have in Malaga, odds are it will be bright and sunny!

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