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The 7 best Chiringuitos in Malaga [2022 updated]

These are the basic characteristics of the beautiful lifestyle on the Malaga coast. The “Chiringuitos” are bars or restaurants on the beach.

Their specialty is fish and seafood. Many of them also have sun-loungers and terraces, which will allow you to spend the day at the beach while you enjoy good food and drinks served to your very own sun-lounger.

To choose the best Chiringuito is pretty difficult because they all have their own unique atmosphere; however, we have prepared our own top 6 of the best Chiringuitos.

1. Chiringuito Picasso

Located in the east of Malaga (Barrio El Limonar), is often visited by locals and although it is in the Malagueta, the beach is much calmer here. On the beach there are sun-loungers available for rent, which is the perfect place to spend the day. It is advisable to book beforehand because in summer it gets busy. A truly great dish is the ‘pescaito combinado’ which is a platter of traditional friend fish.

Chiringuito Tropicana Malaga

2. Chiringuito Tropicana

Located a few meters from the famous stone letters sign on the Malagueta beach front. This Chiringuito is one of the most photographed of the city and most visited by tourists. It offers a “chill out” type atmosphere with large double beds on the beach, beautiful draping white umbrellas plus sun-loungers. The “espetos de sardinas” (barbecued sardines) are undoubtedly the most requested dish as well as the Paella. They also do a chilled, fresh seafood platter which is just out of this world.


3. Chiringuito Gutiérrez Playa

This beach bar is located in the west of Malaga on the Huelin beach. The area in general is much more visited by the locals from the surrounding neighbourhoods. This chiringuito offers a “chill out” type atmosphere with large double beds on the beach and often music. The Deep-Fried calamari and “boquerones en limon” (fried anchovies in lemon) are great.

  • ???? Where: Paseo Marítimo Antonio Banderas 6, Málaga.
  • ???? Tlf: +34 952 11 89 08
  • ???? Menu

Chiringuito gutierrez playa malaga

4. El Tintero II

This Chiringuito is located in El Palo and is the most classic and iconic of Malaga. It is famous for its dishes that are offered in the form of “auction”; ie, the waiters come out with the dishes, shouting out the names to see who wants it first. Their specialty is, of course, seafood and fried fish.


5. Chiringuito El Caleño

This is another classic of Malaga, located in Pedregalejo. It is an excellent choice for seafood lovers. Its terrace overlooking the sea is always full?so reservations are essential. Their specialties, all my favourites: the clams and fish baked in salt.

  • ???? Where: Paseo Marítimo el Pedregal, 49, Málaga
  • ???? Tlf: +34 952 29 91 48

Chiringuito el Caleño

6. El Balneario

The Chiringuito Baños del Carmen is the most famous and iconic in Malaga. Although over the years it has changed its name and owners, its essence is the magical location, hung out in the ocean where you can watch the sunset and the waves crash against the old stone walls, of course accompanied by a drink and some live music.

Balneario del Carmen chiringuito malaga

7. Mari Carmen Casa Playa

This modern chiringuito is one of the most famous in Malaga. It has a chill-out zone with chaise lounges on the patio, that is located in front of the beach. In its menu, you can find what it’s called ‘Fusion cuisine’, which combines elements of different culinary traditions, from Mediterranean recipes to Sushi.

It’s the perfect place to spend summer evenings, drinking some mojitos while you listen to live music and enjoying Malaga sunsets.

Mari carmen casa playa chiringuito malaga


I’m sure that, after all these tempting restaurants and chiringuitos, you are looking forward to tasting all of them, enjoying Malaga weather in front of the sea eating ‘espetos’. I invite you to visit one of our holiday apartments in the center of Malaga, where you will be able to enjoy the city life and go on foot to all these chiringuitos.


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