10 places to visit outside Malaga city center

There is plenty more to see in Malaga that the main landmarks at the historical center or Malagueta beach. Below we propose 10 places to visit outside Malaga city center that the whole family can enjoy. If you stay for more than four days, we strongly recommend you visit these places as it gives you a broader idea of what our city is like. You’ll get a chance to go deep into more residential areas where locals live. Get a taste of the “real” Malaga in these great spaces of our city.

To the north:

? ? 1.La Rosaleda Stadium

Malaga football

Why not go visit the “alternate cathedral” and go to the stadium to watch our local heroes score for the local team Malaga Football Club? The energy fills the air and you can’t help to get in the game and cheer from the top of your lungs for our team. Football games are always magic, and tickets can easily be bought online. You can get there by foot going north Av. Rosaleda (following the river) or take city buses no. 2 or 20

? ? 2. San Miguel Historical Cemetery

Photo by Tyk – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

A different visit to Malaga is going to its cemeteries. Perhaps you’ve wondered off to the more popular English Cemetery, but it in in the San Miguel Cemetery where you will find the tombs to the ?most important families of Malaga. Pantheons, chapels and tombstones from the early XIX century are spread throughout this graveyard. It is considered as one of the most historically-important cemeteries in Spain and cataloged as a monument. Depending on the time of year you come, nightly visits might be available.

? ? 3. Botanical Gardens La Concepcion

This massive, 57-acre garden has plans and trees from every corner of the world. The tropical and exuberant vegetation will entertain you for more than six hours, so be prepared when you visit. It is also a bit away from the city, so bring sandwiches and make a day out of it. Old waterfalls, ponds, small bridges and greenhouses decorate the beautiful green space. You will need to take a city bus and walk for a bit to get there. Take bus line number 2 and get off at San Jose. Definitely recommended visit!

Botanical Garden Malaga
Photo by rosergoula – CC BY 2.0

? ? 4. Montes de Malaga Natural Park

It’s the biggest natural park of the city and is located north, on the hills of Malaga, therefore has great views of the sea and the city. You can go to Montes de Malaga by taking city bus no. 37 which departs from Alameda Principal. It is a dense pine forest with lots of bike and hiking trails, waterfalls and streams (during rainy season). There are also rest areas where you can have a picnic with the family or play while enjoying the outdoors.

To the west:

? ? 5. District of Huelin

This neighborhood or district of Malaga is located next to the industrial harbor of the city. It has a beach (Playa de Huelin) a nice large park and plenty of charming old buildings. Make sure to take a walk down Calle Tomas Echeverria and have an ice cream at Heladar?a Inma (Calle Moreti 15) one of the best in the city! You can take a 25-minute walk to Huelin or take city buses 5,9 and 10

? ? 6. Old Tobacco Factory

Russian museum malaga
Russian Museum in the old Tobacco Factory

In the same neighborhood of Huelin is located the Old Tobacco Factory, home to the Russian Museum and the Automobile and Fashion Museum. The old building makes for a great picture backdrop, and the museums are fantastic. The Russian Museum has exhibits with pieces from the St. Petersburg Museum, and the Automobile Museum has a wire array of cars from different periods and styles. On the fashion side, you’ll see displays of hats and dresses from haute couture and pret-a-porter.

? ? 7. Parque del Oeste ( West Park)

West Park Malaga
Photo by Josefina43 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Past the district of Huelin you’ll find the neighborhood of La Paz. In it is one of the biggest parks in the city: Parque del Oeste. With 74.000 m2?it is home to different species of fish and birds, and a small zoo. There are sports facilities, a skateboarding park, many open spaces to play football or Frisbee and basketball court and football field. It is mostly visited by locals, so you get the sensation of being just another resident enjoying spare time in the park with your loved ones. You’ll need to take a bus to visit the park. Take lines number 16 or 3 for a short 20 minute ride to your destination.

? ? 8. Playa de la Misericordia

Misericordia beach Malaga
Photo by De Maxim. CC BY-SA 2.0

The beach of La Misericordia is one of the largest in the city of Malaga. Visited mainly by locals it is located very close to Parque del Oeste. The beach is well know because of the old industrial chimneys that decorate its boardwalk and because of the huge waves that drench everything on the shore when the ferry from Melilla approaches the harbor. Its 2000 meters of beach guarantee that you will not have to put your towel too close to your neighbor when sunbathing.

? ? 9. Rio Guadalhorce Natural Reserve

Bird watching in Malaga

This wetland is a large delta where you can see many different birds species. It has 5 permanent lakes and many more during rainy season. It is part of the Great Malaga Path, comprised of “green” protected routes where you can watch wildlife in its natural state. Hiking trails run along the delta, ideal for bird watching. This marsh is full of life, both flora and fauna strive in the humid and warm conditions. Over 260 species of birds cross through this wetland throughout the year, which means that you never know what type of species you’ll see next. To get there take bus line no. 10 and get off at Calle Manuel Curros Enriquez.

To the east:

? ? 10. Pedregalejo

Walk past La Malagueta and right after the spa Ba?os del Carmen you will be entering the district of Pedregalejo. This used to be a fishermen’s village, the difference in construction will let you know right away that you are there. Small beaches, seafront restaurants and sea breeze are abundant in this part of the city. This is the ideal place to get very inexpensive catch-of-the-day fish. Still today, owners of restaurants are fishermen that sell what they (or their family) has caught in the fishing nets that same morning. Try the sworded sardines or mahi-mahi in front of the sea and enjoy the perfect holiday meal. You can take a long and beautiful walk there, or take city buses 3, 11 or 34 and get off at Ba?os del Carmen.

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